Celebrate Iguazu Falls Today for #CataratasDay

Celebrate Iguazu Falls for #CataratasDay

Celebrate Iguazu Falls for #CataratasDay / source

Today, the 11th of November, marks the 3rd anniversary of Iguazu Falls‘ inclusion as one of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World. To commemorate, Argentina and Brazil are joint-hosting a campaign to celebrate and market the spectacular Iguazu Waterfalls.

They’re encouraging all visitors to the famous falls, on both the Argentine and Brazilian side, to post their pictures on social media with the hashtag #cataratasday. There are discounts available for participating visitors in the parks.

Furthermore, if you’re lucky enough to be in Iguazu today, there are plenty of celebrations taking place in Puerto Iguazu. There will be live performances, a parade, the crowning of the Queen of the Falls and a fireworks show to end it off.

#cataratasday Iguazu Falls

Share your photos of Iguazu Falls today! source

If you’re not in Iguazu, go check out the hashtag on your favourite social media channel, or check out the Cataratas Day Facebook Page. Just be warned, after seeing all those pictures of the world’s widest waterfalls, the chances are high that you’ll be overcome with a serious case of wanderlust!

And for a good reason: Iguazu Falls is one of the natural highlights of Argentina. The falls are a breathtaking sight, stretching 2.7km wide, with around 275 individual waterfalls creating a thunderous roar and enveloping everything in a fine mist (or a downright soaking when you get close to the Devil’s Throat). But besides this stunning display of natural beauty, there also also plenty of other exciting tours and activities in Iguazu to make your travels even more special.

Still not convinced that Iguazu should be on your bucket list? Check out this #cataratasday video of Iguazu Falls for more inspiration!

Have you been to Iguazu Falls recently? Share your pictures with us, using the hashtag #CataratasDay and share your love for this Wonder of the Natural World!