New Year’s Eve in Argentina: 5 Magical Places to Celebrate


New Year’s Eve in Argentina doesn’t have to involve drinking copious amounts of champagne, standing on crowded streets watching fireworks and partying all throughout the night. For those who prefer to escape the madness and enjoy a more relaxing though equally entertaining night, we’ve listed five magical places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Argentina.

1) Salta: drive along the Salinas Grandes

The Salinas Grandes in Salta (salt flats) are the largest in Argentina, covering an area of 8,920km. They began to form as rain water flowed down the surrounding mountains, carrying salt with it into this large, flat space before evaporating and leaving the salt behind. This process was repeated over time, which has resulted in the formation of these incredible salt flats, one of nature’s greatest phenomenons. Not only will you witness some stunning scenery on route to the salt flats, but once you begin driving along the plains, you will inevitably be blown away by their sheer magnitude and the contrast between the blue skies and bright white salt.


Salines Grandes

The Salinas Grandes, Argentina’s largest salt flats / source

A Salinas Grandes tour is a great option for New Year’s Eve in Argentina, for the region of Salta is warmest and its surrounding landscapes are greenest during this time of year, making your experience all the more magical. Note though that this tour is not available on New Year’s Day.

2) Mendoza: a land of mountains and wine

Mendoza is renowned for being the wine capital of Argentina and producing some of the finest red and white wines that the country has to offer, such as the popular Malbec. However, the town of Mendoza and its surrounding region is not just about wine, as the beautiful mountains and valleys provide numerous opportunities for nature-lovers and those in search of an adventure.

The natural beauty in the region of Mendoza is breathtaking

The natural beauty in the region of Mendoza is breathtaking / source

You can climb to the top of Aconcagua Mountain, the highest peak in the continent from where you’ll be able to look out over all of Mendoza, go horse-riding through the valleys or take an excursion to Atuel River Canyon, before settling down with a glass of wine to toast the New Year.

3) Ushuaia: end the year in the end of the world

What more memorable place to spend New Year’s Eve in Argentina than Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world? If you manage to make it this far south, you simply cannot miss out on visiting the incredible Tierra del Fuego National Park, a natural paradise complete with forests, lakes, mountains and marine life where you can go trekking and discover Patagonian nature at its very best.

Tierra del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego: The world’s southernmost national park / source

For a truly unique opportunity, you can also visit the iced lands of Antarctica from Ushuaia, but be aware that you will need to book well in advance and it’s not cheap. However, it is an once-in-a-lifetime experience and one that would certainly make this a truly memorable New Year’s Eve in Argentina.

4) El Bolson: eat your way into the New Year

Nestled between two mountain ranges, the small town of El Bolsón is an ‘ecological municipality’ with access to some amazing hikes that take in the country’s most aesthetically pleasing landscapes. There are a number of artisans in El Bolson, who use naturally organic farming methods, and you’ll find a range of tasty home-produced products such as cheese, smoked trout, beer, chocolate and jams to stock up for a New Year’s Eve feast.

Treat yourself to delicious locally produced chocolate in El Bolson

Treat yourself to delicious locally produced chocolate in El Bolson / source

If you choose to stay in nearby Bariloche during the lead-up to the New Year, you can book a day tour to El Bolson which takes you around the town and its beautiful surroundings.

5) Tigre Delta: enjoy your own exclusive island

The small town of Tigre is just an hour North of Buenos Aires by train and is the perfect place to escape the chaos of the city. The town itself is charming and cosy with its Victorian neighbourhoods and quaint shops and cafés, but the real magic of Tigre lies within the surrounding Delta islands.

Tigre Delta

Your New Year’s Eve in Argentina could be spent here / source

As well as encountering a number of peaceful gateways and riverside restaurants that are only accessible by boat, you can rent your own cabin on any one of the islands, some which are so small and secluded that you may well be the only people!


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By: Milly Day – English Content Manager
For: Argentina4u