What to Eat & Drink on Christmas in Argentina


If you’re looking to spend the Christmas holidays in Argentina, be sure to eat your heart out in true Argentinian style! Besides the traditional asado, there are a number of mouth-watering dishes to be enjoyed on the Christmas table, so get in the festive spirit now with our list of what to eat to and drink on Christmas in Argentina.

Christmas in ArgentinaVitel Thoné is a Christmas tradition from Argentina’s Italian heritage / Image Source

From Italy to Argentina: Vitel Thoné

What is probably Argentina’s most typical holiday platter happens to be an imported recipe from ItalyVitel thoné is a cold dish consisting of sliced veal covered in a sauce made from anchovies, tuna, mayonnaise, cream and capers.

Although veal is hard to find in Argentina most of the year, the supermarkets have plenty in stock around Christmas time so why not get shopping and try preparing this unique dish yourself? Find the vitel thoné recipe here.

Ninos Envueltos: An Argentine Favourite

Ninos envueltos is an Argentine favourite, which means that it is of course a meat feast. To make ninos envueltos, you stuff three strips of steak with minced meat, spices, chopped onion and hard-boiled egg, then shape the strips into rolls before cooking them until they are juicy and tender – mmm!

Christmas in ArgentinaVegetarians can enjoy dishes like Tomates Rellenos – Stuffed tomatoes / Image Source

Pionno Arrollado & Tomates Rellenos: Vegetarian options

Although most Argentinians are devout meat eaters, it is possible to enjoy a variety of vegetarian dishes on Christmas in Argentina. One option is pionono arrollado; a thin rectangular yellow sponge cake that is rolled up into a log form and filled with ingredients such as lettuce, cheese, tomato, olives and roasted red peppers.

Another option is tomates rellenos (stuffed tomatoes) which simply involves hallowing out tomatoes and stuffing them with a rice mixture, then either baking them or serving them raw.

Ananá Fizz: The Traditional Argentinian Christmas drink

As well as a selection of fine Argentinian wine, you will have the chance to try an Ananá Fizz (or 2/3/4…), the traditional Argentinian Christmas Drink made from cider and pineapple juice. Although it can be purchased readymade for very little money, we’d advise you to avoid buying bottles in supermarkets and make your own instead, using better quality alcohol.

You simple need to pulp some pineapple, add lemon juice and a sprinkle of sugar to your choice of sparkling wine and there you have it, a tasty Christmas cocktail that (hopefully) won’t leave you with a pounding head in the morning!

Christmas in ArgentinaTurron makes the perfect sweet treat after a big Christmas meal / Image Source

Sweet treats: For the Sugar Lovers

Desserts at Christmas in Argentina usually consist of regional delicacies such as turrón, an ultra-sweet treat composed of nougat, peanuts and honey, or panettone, another European import that has become a staple among Argentina’s festive dishes. This sweet bread filled with raisins and dried fruit is the perfect complement to the sweet cider brought out at midnight on Christmas Eve.

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By: Daytours4u Content Team