Bsas4u Review: Rojo Tango


Buenos Aires is home to an array of tango houses, each with different styles, dances, menus, and designs. Of all the options in the tango capital of the world, Rojo Tango offers the only VIP treatment. Indeed, no other has such a sophisticated and elegant setting – the internationally renowned Faena Hotel.


Faena Hotel: Elegance and Sophistication

Located in the district of Puerto Madero, this five star hotel is an impressive building that offers luxurious rooms, a spa, swimming pools, a white and gold decorated bistrô with an international menu, and a wine cellar that holds a wide range of extraordinary Argentinian wines. In addition to being a great option for those who can afford a cultured trip to Buenos Aires, Rojo Tango is also the most exclusive way to spend an unforgettable night in this hotel’s tango house.

hotel faena

The elegant bistro inside Faena Hotel. / Photograph: Daytours4u


An Intimate Evening of Luxury

With an endless corridor of red curtains and sober lights, the Rojo Tango entrance seduces visitors with a mysterious magic of a bygone era. This seemingly infinite crimson hallway is only a preview of what is to follow when entering the intensely colourful performance room filled with candlelit tables and a subtle touch of cabaret decor. The space is cosy and intimate: there are no more than 100 seats and a small number of tables near the stage. The close connection that the public has with the performers is one of the main attractions of this tango house.

For the most complete tango experience, do not hesitate to sample the fabulous 3 course house meal before the show. For starters, the shrimp cocktail is recommended, while for the main dish there is an exquisite variety which includes pink salmon with semolina gnocchi and tomato fondue. To finish, there is nothing better than a marquee bitter chocolate dessert. This special gastronomic experience can be enjoyed with Baron B champagnes, Terrazas Reserva Malbec, Chardonnay, or a selection of non-alcoholic beverages.


The arrangement of the tables allows for an intimate view of the show. / Photograph: Daytours4u


Rojo Tango: Passion & Sensuality

Those travelers who have spent a magically beautiful night in the Argentine capital watching tango may not see the value in catching another show, but the truth is that Rojo Tango offers exclusivity above all others. This house exhibits first class service and a unique cabaret style; it is a place where you can intimately appreciate the dancers, the choreography, and the rhythm of the tango orchestra.


The show impresses with its intense steps and complex choreography. / Photograph: Daytours4u

Marked by intense and seductive dance moves, the Rojo Tango show is breathtaking. Each number is comprised of dancers in groups or in pairs that are backed by two magnificent legendary Tango singers, who together make stunning entries throughout the spectacle. This sensual and refined experience is perfect for couples who want to spend a special night together, but be warned, this is a racy show and it is not recommended for the conservatives amongst you.


An exciting evening that will appeal to all the senses. / Photograph: Daytours4u

To enjoy an elegant and exciting night at Rojo Tango is to create a once in a lifetime memory. Every minute in the red hall is one of luxury and extravagance, and this phenomenal performance will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your trip.

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By: Luiza Cavalcante / Translated by: Simon Hall