Bsas4u Review: The Golden Age of Tango at Tango Porteño


Buenos Aires is a place that has its own particular charm in every season of the year. Our visit to Tango Porteño was on a rainy winter day, adding its own magic to a beautiful night of tango in Argentina’s capital city. Just a few steps from one of the most iconic landmarks in Buenos Aires, Tango Porteño‘s grand theatre offer much more than a tango show.

Tango Porteño: Yesterday a cinema, today a theatre

Located close to the famous Obelisk and Teatro Colón, two postcard attractions in the city, on the emblematic Avenue 9 de Julio in the heart of the city centre, Tango Porteño’s building once housed one of the first cinemas founded in Argentina. The entrance with its bright lightbulbs and large old-school cinema posters immediately set the scene for a cinematic experience.

Entering through the reception and passing through the curtains, the theatre reveals details from another era, transporting us back in time. We walked around to get a sense of the place and came to the conclusion that no matter where you sit in the theatre, you’ll have a great view of the show.

Dinner: Strolling through the neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires

The menu presents the dishes in an original way. Each dish is named after a city neighbourhood, giving life to the historical origins of tango and milongas in Buenos Aires. You’ll be provided with wine (or beer) and water. An example of a starter is a creamy onion and leek soup accompanied by homemade toast and named after the barrio Flores. For the main course, a bife de chorizo (a cut of steak), is always the best option to order in a tango house.

The tables inside Tango Porteño's theatre being laid for dinner

The tables being prepared for the dinner service / Photo by Daytours4u

The portions are generous, and the meat is served to your order: jugoso (juicy, or rare), al punto (to the point, or medium rare), or cocida (well done). Represented by the Parque Patricios neighbourhood, it is accompanied by rustic baked potatoes. For a complete dining experience, we finished off the meal with a delicious dessert from the Montserrat neighbourhood: chocolate mousse.

The Tango Show: The Golden Age of Tango

This year’s tango show is named the Golden Age of Tango, recreating the magic of the forties, tango’s golden years in Buenos Aires. Against the background of the live tango band, the dancers flit across the broad stage. Coloured lights illuminate the intense choreography carried out by the couples and a replica of a traditional old house that wouldn’t be out of place in San Telmo. Throughout the show, Astor Piazzolla, a tango legend, is honoured by a projection that displays against the stage while the band plays instrumental solos.

The dance numbers are varied, all with a significant touch of sophistication, touching on the style of broadway musicals. This is true not just of the dancers and their choreography, but also from their costumes and performances, with everything working together to evoke this golden ago.

A couple on stage during the tango show

Be blown away by the incredible dancing at Tango Porteño | Photo by Daytours4u

Buenos Aires is a city that inspires you on every street you walk, whether it’s thanks to the architectural details, the rich history, the soundtrack of tango echoing through the narrow streets of downtown, or the never-ending list of cultural, gastronomic and tourist activities. Be inspired by a true tango experience in Argentina’s capital with a magical night at Tango Porteño with Bsas4u!

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By: Luiza Cavalcante | Adapted by Nicole Eberhard