Bsas4u Review: iPhoneography Smartphone Photo Tour


Have you ever had that moment when you see something amazing on your travels but your camera is not immediately at hand? What is the one thing you always have with you? That’s right, your smartphone.

The recent improvement in the quality of smartphone cameras has irrevocably changed travel photography. It’s no surprise then that photography tours have started adapting to include iPhone and smartphone photo tours.

Street Photography in Palermo / Credit: Nicole Eberhard

Street Photography in Palermo / Credit: Nicole Eberhard

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Smartphone Photo Tours

One of our Buenos Aires photography tour offerings is the iPhoneography Smartphone Photo Tour. If you don’t have an iPhone don’t fear! Any smartphone or tablet with a good camera will do. The recommended apps are available for both iPhone and Android operating systems.

Once you have booked the tour you are sent a welcoming email with a guide to the best photography and editing apps (the only essential app for the tour is Snapseed, which is free on iTunes and Google Play). At the start of the tour you are also given a  welcoming pack with a smartphone photography guide and a helpful list of suggestions of things to do and see in Buenos Aires.

Capturing the details / Credit: Nicole Eberhard

Capturing the details / Credit: Nicole Eberhard

This iPhoneography tour started at a café in the trendy Palermo Soho where the group was met by Bereissa, our tour guide and professional photographer, from Foto Ruta. She start by giving us a short photography tutorial, demonstrating the capabilities of the iPhone’s camera, and giving expert tips and guidelines for composing shots and taking interesting pictures. Then it was time to hit the streets of Palermo and put her advice into practice.

From Plaza Serrano with its bustling feria (market) to the hidden alleys and interesting side streets in Palermo, we wandered around, exercising our creative muscles. Through the focus lens of our smartphones, we sought out interesting angles, unusual subjects, tiny details in the streets, and eye-catching reflections. All this was under the watchful eye of Bereissa, who was at hand to dispense advice and suggestions.

Mercado de los Pulgas / Credit: Nicole Eberhard

Mercado de las Pulgas / Credit: Nicole Eberhard

We then jumped into a taxi and headed to Mercado de las Pulgas, a giant antique / furniture / flea market in nearby Colegiales. This market is a fascinating place to walk around with its huge collection of furniture and antiques. Filled to the brim with interesting “junk” and even more interesting people, the time spent snapping away here went by in a flash.

The smartphone photography tour ended at another coffee shop, with a complimentary drink of our choice. Here we were guided through the editing apps, learning how to turn our tweak and enhance our snaps. Each person on the tour chose their favourite two photos, edited them and then we reviewed them in an informative feedback session.

Playing with the iPhone's editing apps / Credit: Nicole Eberhard

Playing with the iPhone’s editing apps / Credit: Nicole Eberhard

The iPhoneography Experience

As someone who is guilty of point-and-shoot photography while travelling, I was curious to see how much I could learn on a 4-hour tour. The tutorial and feedback session gave me great ideas as well as some positive reinforcement and useful advice for future photography. At the end of the day I was pretty impressed at how my pictures turned out, and will definitely be using the travel photography tips I learnt in the future.

This professionally guided photo tour is more than a photography experience; it is also a great alternative city tour. Through the lens of my camera, I started seeing the city from a whole new perspective. Rather than focusing on the big tourist attractions and landmarks, I changed my focus to the small details in the streets and the people – the very things that make up the fabric of the city.

Exploring the city through your camera lens

You can book this innovative and unique Smartphone Photo Tour online, and learn how to get the most out of you smartphone photography.

For those more interested in using their traditional cameras, digital or SLR, we also offer a range of other exciting photography tours. Reserve your place now and ensure that your travel photographs of Buenos Aires make everyone at home green with envy!

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By Nicole Eberhard