Buenos Aires Insider Tips: La Maldita Milonga


La Milonga Maldita | Bsas4u

It is friendship month in Argentina. To celebrate with you, every day we will share the Bsas4u team’s insider tips to our favourite places and attractions in Buenos Aires. Each of these places has a real porteña soul, and we always recommend them to our friends coming to visit Buenos Aires.
These are the places we hold dear to our hearts, just for you, so take note!

Whose tips? Gisele Teixeira — Tango specialist, founder of Aqui Me Quedo, Born in Caçapava, South Brazil
What she likes: Gisele loves to travel, write, read and take pictures. In 2008, she came to live in Buenos Aires and this is how she discovered her new passion: tango. She is a journalist, but also a tango teacher for the Educational Centre of Tango in Buenos Aires. Her next project is travelling throughout Latin America to discover new landscapes and new cultures.

Gisele recommends: Milonga Maldita

This is the milonga she recommends when her friends come to visit Buenos Aires, thanks to its price – quality ratio. Just 50 pesos gets you access to tango accompanied by a live orchestra in a real porteña atmosphere. If you want to learn the basics or improve your skills, there are teachers there to help you, or else you can dance freely.

These classes are organized by Tango Orchestra El Afronte and Lara Heredia every Wednesday at San Telmo. Last month Gisele joined the team of teachers, so if you want to dance with her, don’t hesitate!

The atmosphere at Milonga Maldita is relaxed and comfortable, and if you’re more a spectator than a dancer, you can relax on the sidelines with empanadas and a glass of wine. And on Mondays, you can find Bendita Milonga here, for those that don’t believe the week should start at home!

How to get there:

La Maldita Milonga: Peru 571, Buenos Aires

From the Obelisk:
By Metro: Take line D towards Catedral, and get at Catedral. About 13 minutes.
By Bus: Take bus 100 to the Obelisco Norte station at the intersection of 9 de Julio and Tucuman, and get off at Belgrano.

Contact details:

Tel: +54 9 (11) 65673334 | Hours: From 21h to 02h.

By Maud Noblet | Translated by  Nicole Eberhard