Where to Party for New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is renowned for being one of the world’s best cities for nightlife entertainment thanks to its huge array of clubs, bars, and parties that last until way after the sun has come up. However, New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires is surprisingly quiet, considering the city’s reputation. This is partly because a large portion of porteños leave the city during this period to take their holidays on the coast, and partly because people tend to celebrate with their families, only going out well after the countdown to midnight. However, there are still good New Year’s Eve Parties in Buenos Aires to be found.

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One of the most spectacular ways of ushering in the new year is with a New Year’s Eve Tango Show. The tango houses of Buenos Aires put on a very special performance on this night, and besides the tango spectacle, the show includes a decadent three course dinner on top of appetisers and petit fours, an open bar, a champagne toast at midnight, and much more.

At the end of the show, the tango house turns into a party, with a DJ, and you can stay at the venue and party until the wee hours. An added advantage to making this your NYE plan, is that it includes transfers to and from the venue. Choose between some of the city’s top tango houses offering a broad range of authentic, modern and exclusive shows and parties.

1-1Rojo Tango always puts on a very special New Year’s Eve show

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Another extravagant option is one of the parties hosted by the city’s top hotels. If you’re looking for a Western style celebration and want a stylish evening, then this is a good option for you. The Alvear Palace hotel is hosting a gala night that promises to be a dazzling affair. The last night of the year will start with an exquisite menu of 7 steps, accompanied by recognized labels of Argentine wines, and will close on the dance floor with music for all tastes.

For its part, the Hilton Hotel will provide attendees a delicious dinner in the Pacific Room and the musical note will be marked by the golden age of jazz. All events at hotels require advanced bookings, and many of them come as a package with accommodation.


If you would like to find a nice meal at a restaurant to celebrate New Year’s Eve, you need to plan in advance. Many places are closed, and the venues that are open tend to host a special New Year’s Eve dinner, which will be highly sought after. As with most things in Buenos Aires, the details are usually posted fairly last minute. Take a look at our list of the best restaurants to spend the holidays in Buenos Aires for further info.

Elsewhere, Puerto Cristal restaurant, located in the most modern and sophisticated neighbourhood of the Argentine capital, will be putting on an evening spectacular with an exquisite dinner, live music show, and front row seats to the city’s traditional firework display.

And for a more intimate celebration, Cookapp, the app that invites you to dine in the houses of various chefs across the city, is also worth checking out. There are a host of menus to be sampled and each offering is unique with different flavours to be enjoyed, distinct atmospheres, and varying prices.

2-1Puerto Cristal offers a fantastic dinner complete with a live show and fireworks display / Image Source


Most nightclubs around the city will be hosting New Year’s Eve parties (although it will technically be new year’s day by the time the party gets going!). A bar crawl around Palermo is always a good idea, and you’ll find at least one street party in the neighbourhood. Crobar, Pacha, Terrazas and Asia de Cuba are all good options where you’re guaranteed to have a big night. Don’t expect any action around midnight though. As is usual in Buenos Aires, the party only gets going around 2 or 3am.


For a more laid-back vibe, gather your friends and family and find a spot to watch the fireworks. People light their own fireworks all over the city, so you should have a good view from just about anywhere. However, the best spots are in Palermo’s parks, where fireworks are usually lit off by the Planetarium, or Puerto Madero, where you can watch the reflections in the harbour water.


Before making your plans, bear in mind that public transport is very difficult to find on New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires. Getting a taxi between 9pm on the 31st, and around 3 or 4am on the 1st, is extremely difficult. We recommend finding a party that is within walking distance, or securing your transport in advance by booking a radio taxi.

However you choose to spend your New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires, have fun, be safe, and we look forward to sharing more of Buenos Aires with you in 2018.

By: Nicole Eberhard