Bsas4u Review: Polo Day Tour


Travelling around Argentina, I’ve been to tango shows, football stadiums and tried the famous Argentine Asado (or should I say a delicious god-sent meat feast?). Then I thought about venturing into something different: learning a bit more about Polo, which is an extremely famous sport activity here in Argentina.

I’ve always wanted to know more about this sport, but had never actually had the opportunity to try it myself. Seeing how big it is in porteño land, I could not miss the chance of taking part in a Polo Day Tour Buenos Aires.

When I arrived at the ranch, around 10am, I was greeted with a ravishing breakfast with different types of breads, cakes, juice, and the famous medialunas (croissant’s Argentine cousin) − more than enough to start off my adventure.  Ah, and it’s worth mentioning I was amidst divine green surroundings, just 45 minutes away from the city, surrounded by green vegetation and stunning horses.

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Right after the lovely breakfast, I wandered out and about to explore the area and, honestly, I’m not sure if it the amount of great food and friendly atmosphere had clouded my judgment, but I completely fell in love with the place! The horses were majestic and by this time some people had already started on the endurance riding.

It turns out I wanted to do everything at once, if possible! A truly touching moment was witnessing some children with down syndrome and autism taking park in the equine therapy, which improves their social behaviour.

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As soon as I was feeling slightly hungry, I was invited to join a traditional Argentine Asado. I swear I was about to pack my things and move in to this place, with all the marvellous empanadas and several different meat cuts swinging in front of me! That was the perfect moment to get to know all these other people who were also taking the tour, as well as the friendly staff.

We were saving energy because we knew that at 3pm we would have an exciting Polo class. I remember then why I was so interested in trying this sport in the first place: it’s a real pleasure to practice a sport with such an intelligent animal. Besides, the staff is beyond attentive and considerate with each and everyone’s needs, not to mention punctual – which was a key point during this tour since we were in a very large group.

I was a little afraid at first, after all it was my first ever contact with the sport, but with the help and sympathy of all the professionals there I gained a little more confidence and I could practice a little of what I learned in the introductory class. Some of the more experienced people could actually practice the sport thoroughly, but while I just experienced it as a beginner, I can say it made my day!

Polo Match in Buenos Aires

Time to watch the professional players take over the field / source

At 16:30pm, the Polo exhibition match kicked off in a immense field, and I can safely say: it is a beautiful sport to watch, and I was delighted to admire how easy these professional players made it seem from the outside. I was caught between watching them and exploring the table with all the delicious appetisers, which included various types of cheeses, salamis, swiss roll with dulce de leche, medialunas and other treats!

Everyone seemed quite excited to watch the sports show, and I honestly cannot think of better escape from the city chaos than a Polo Day Tour in Buenos Aires!

By Thalles Santos / Adaptation Carolina Galli