Bsas4u Review: Café de los Angelitos Tango Show


As one of the cafés notables (notable cafés) of Buenos Aires, and located on the corner of Rivadavia and Rincón Avenue, Café de los Angelitos is one of those special places that transports you back in time. A warm feeling of nostalgia envelops you when you enter the Café’s grand salon. Your eyes immediately go to the walls full of old photographs and tango themed sets of stained glass at the entrance and on the walls, with a glowing chandelier in the centre of the ceiling.

Hidden behind this classic and traditional café in the heart of the Argentine capital is the theatre where the magic happens: the incredible Café de los Angelitos tango show.

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A Café with over 100 years of history

Opened in 1890 under the name “Bar Rivadavia,” Café de los Angelitos carries many legends and memories. One of the most important facts about this place’s history is that it was one of the cafés most frequented by the great Argentine tango icon Carlos Gardel at the beginning of his career and who years later wrote a famous song in honour of this café, with the title named after this special place.

One option for those who book the tango show without a transfer is to get to know the location a bit better by going early to have a coffee and a medialuna (a pastry similar in look and shape to a croissant, but with a sweeter dough). If you arrive in the late afternoon you’ll witness the setting sun seep into the café through the large glass windows, setting the scene for a magical evening.

The interior of Cafe de los Angelitos

Inside the café / Credit: Daytours4u

The café is full of small details that transport you back to the past, such as the sugar which is served in cubes wrapped in paper. Once you’ve taken in this room steeped in history, it’s time to move into the theatre for the tango show.

Before the tango show: a full dinner theatre

Enter the theatre of Café de los Angelitos before the show starts, where the service begins with dinner. Served in three courses with several options for each course (starter, main course and dessert), making the decision is difficult as the descriptions of all the dishes are mouthwatering. The red wine to accompany it is customary. I started with a mini onion and goat cheese tart, followed by a generous piece of steak for main course, cooked to perfection and accompanied by rustic potatoes, and chocolate mousse for the grand finale.

The tables inside the theatre set for dinner | Café de los Angelitos

The tables meticulously set for dinner / Credit: Daytours4u

The tango show: nostalgia & emotion

After dinner, the stage is prepared for the show. The red curtain rises and the band appears lit up on a mini-stage above the main stage. The rhythm of the start of the show is dramatic as the dancers begin to conquer the stage with their intense choreography. Numerous numbers are performed, ranging from solos, to couples and group dances occupying the entire stage.

Dancers and singer on stage with the band above

Singer and dancers follow the rhythm of the band / Credit: Daytours4u

Each dance number thrills and amazes in its own way. One of the most impressive dances of the show is with a couple where the dancer’s dress is part of the large curtain that graces the space. Her partner carries and gently drags her by dress, moving both her and the curtain along with his steps and movements. A truly remarkable dance!

The dancer's dress is a continuation of the curtain

The magical curtain dance / Credit: Daytours4u

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By: Luiza Cavalcante / Adapted by Nicole Eberhard