Where to Tango on New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires


Are you travelling to Buenos Aires over New Year? Looking for something special to do on the night of the 31st? Well, in the birthplace of tango, what better way to bring in the New Year than by celebrating and partying the night away at one of Buenos Aires’ spectacular New Year tango shows. Ensuring you kick off 2017 with a truly memorable and authentically porteño night out. But, before we get to the dilemma of which tango show to choose, here’s some general info about New Year’s Eve, or Año Nuevo, in Buenos Aires.

Tango on New Year's EveA New Year’s Eve Tango Show is a special experience / Photo by Luiza Cavalcante

Although the city rightfully deserves its fame as being a party city, New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires is a surprisingly low-key affair, with most porteños spending the countdown to midnight at home with their families before heading out to parties much later on in the night. Others take part in the mass exodus that is customary at the start of the Argentine summer holidays and escape the capital, either crossing the Río de la Plata to Uruguay or migrating to one of Argentina’s beach towns.

This makes Buenos Aires the perfect place for tourists to enjoy New Year’s Eve. It’s not too crowded and even though party fever does eventually hit the city’s street, it’s pleasantly tranquil to start with. However, as with any festivity in big cities, there are a few key things to keep in mind if you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires:

First of all, don’t rely on public transport or taxis anywhere in the city around midnight. Ensure you get to where you want to be early and don’t expect to get home before 4am.

Prepare to spend a bit more cash: During the holidays, many restaurants, shows, and clubs put their prices up, so don’t expect to be able to do it all on the cheap.

Book ahead! Many restaurants and parties will fill up way in advance – don’t expect to wing it by just dropping in as you’ll risk being disappointed.

img_5776-2Bring in 2017 with a tango show at Cafe de los Angelitos / Photo by Daytours4u

Keeping all these points in mind, one of the most popular and enjoyable ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires is with a tango show. Some of Buenos Aires’ best tango houses put on a very special show for the last night of the year – a night of tango extravaganza where you can watch some incredible tango performances, dine in luxury, sip copious amounts of champagne and dance – tango, if you wish – the night away.

These shows on New Year all offer a pick-up service from your hotel and a transfer back from the venue in the wee hours of the morning when you choose to call it a night. The houses also have a fixed rate for the whole night – a higher rate than normal, but at least you know exactly what you’ll be paying at the end of it all. At a New Year’s Eve tango show, you’ll be served a three-course dinner, and free drinks will be flowing all night long. So, no need to worry about booking a table at a restaurant; it’s one table, at one venue for dinner, drinks, entertainment, and a hell of a party to top it off.

img_1904-2A night at Rojo Tango is a night of pure luxury / Photo by Luiza Cavalcante


Now, there are many Buenos Aires tango houses to choose from and deciding which Tango Show to go for can be daunting. We recommend you have a look at this article we’ve prepared, to give you an initial overview, and then nose around our online catalogue that displays all the possible options.

So, here’s an additional few pointers to help you make your mind up:

El Viejo Almacén in Buenos Aires’ oldest neighbourhood, San Telmo, offers one of the more traditional tango experiences in Buenos Aires, at a par with La Ventana: they both offer high-quality dining with wonderfully authentic performances. For a more fanciful Broadway-style spectacle, we recommend the popular Señor Tango, arguably the most extravagant party in town on New Year’s Eve, while Piazzolla Tango, located in a stunning old theatre, also presents a more modern take on the traditional show.

12Piazzolla Tango is one of the most modern tango spectacles in town / Image Source

Then there’s Esquina Carlos Gardel, in the age-old tango neighbourhood of Abasto, which features one of the most elegant shows with high-tech acoustics and superb dancers. Of the same genre – high-class performances accompanied by 5-star cuisine – you have Madero Tango; a show that comes with the added bonus of being located along the docks of Puerto Madero where the city’s main fireworks display takes place. So, add pyrotechnics to a spectacular, cutting-edge tango show and you have a New Year’s Eve party to remember.

If you’re in for a New Year ’s Eve night of luxury in Buenos Aires, you have multiple options – on the one hand there’s the great-value-for-money Gala Tango (the VIP Lounge of La Ventana Tango) or, if you’re planning an extra special treat on your Buenos Aires vacation, go for a New Year’s Eve celebration at Rojo Tango; without a doubt the most expensive spectacle in the city. Well, a night of luxury never comes cheap, does it? Especially when it’s set in one of Buenos Aires top 5-star hotels, the Faena Hotel.

All of these New Year’s Eve Tango celebrations don’t simply end once the last tango performer leaves the stage: far from it. Each tango house has a programme lined up, with champagne toasts when the clocks strike twelve and parties, with live DJs, that go on until the small hours of the morning.

10-2Madero Tango offers 5-star quality / Image Source

So, does bringing in 2017 in Buenos Aires with a tango show sound good to you? We hope this guide to New Year in Buenos Aires has given you added excitement. However, you need to book soon! These popular New Year’s Eve tango nights sell out fast. Don’t risk missing out on all the fun!

If you’re interested in booking a New Year’s tango show in Buenos Aires, have a look at our online catalogue here and book conveniently and securely with us. Don’t hesitate to contact us either, if you require any more advice or info on what to do in Buenos Aires over New Year’s.

By: Daytours4u Content Team