Bsas4u Review: Tango Porteño


Easily accessible due to its location just across from the Obelisk, one block from Teatro Colón, Tango Porteño and the beautiful building in which it’s set are by no means in the shadow of the other touristic wonders along Avenida de Julio.

Set in a house that used to be a cinema-theatre in the 40’s, the heydays of tango, Tango Porteño has retained its Deco style decoration and strives to recreate the atmosphere from the time Tango was ever-present in modern-day Buenos Aires.

Tango Porteño

The Deco style decoration of the Tango Porteño building

Dinner at Tango Porteño

The dinner consists of 3 courses (starter, main course and dessert) and is served from 20:30. You can choose from dishes such as rolls of stuffed buffalo mozzarella as a starter, the typical bife de chorizo as a main course and a sample of Argentine desserts, which is an interesting choice as it includes three different Argentine desserts in one! All this is accompanied by water, fizzy drinks, beer or wine, according to your desires.

Tango Porteño starter

Rolls of stuffed buffalo mozzarella

Tango Porteño

Bife de chorizo

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Tango Porteño dessert

A selection of Argentinian desserts

The Tango Show at Tango Porteño

At 22.00, once everyone has finished dinner, the lights dim and the show begins. A large mobile screen appears in front of the stage with black and white videos, originating from the period which the tango house has themed itself around. What makes this show different is the mixture of styles, from more traditional tango to “acrobatic” tango, including an act with a blindfolded dancer. It’s more modern, sexy and fun, but does not totally abandon classical and romantic tango, for this is still present in some acts. The orchestra, who are elegantly dressed, really look the part. For those who want to see a performance that moves with the evolution of tango, introducing aspects of all different styles so as not to leave you bored, Tango Porteño is an excellent choice!

Tango Porteño show

Three acts in one!

Tango Porteño is a tango house in the city centre, opposite the principal postcard image of Buenos Aires, which brings back the golden years of tango and its beauty, without wasting time in mixing the modern with the classic. A night at Tango Porteño is guaranteed to be fun and entertaining for those who wish to learn more about the history of tango, the dance which has been inscribed on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

By Anna Flavia de Castro | Translated by Camilla Day