The 5 most romantic activities to do in Colombia


Love must be celebrated. Some people celebrate it with an invite to a good restaurant or with a gift that the other person wished for; but how about going a step further and suggesting a romantic getaway to beautiful Colombia? You don’t have to go to Paris to celebrate love, in these coffee lands you can find the most intimate experiences that will make your stay a nonstop honeymoon. We invite you, then, to read about the 5 most romantic activities to do in Colombia during your trip.

Colombia is a destination to fall in love / Photo: Daytours4u

1) Dinner at Monserrate

One of the typical Colombian songs says that “He who has not taken his girlfriend to Monserrate does not know what panela is, nor the tamale with chocolate”. The above means that whoever goes to Bogotá and does not climb the hill does has not experienced the good things in life and is missing out on an extraordinary experience.

The view from this mountain is amazing! Especially during the night, the contrast of the city lights with the trees that surround the hill is magical. Take the funicular or the cable car to the top, where you can see a part of thick forest and that then reveal the lights that characterize the view. At the summit, there are two restaurants famous for their culinary delights. The first specializes in French cuisine: La Casa San Isidro where there’s also live music; while the Casa Santa Clara restaurant delights its customers with traditional Colombian cuisine.

Travel Tip: To get to Monserrate, you must go through the colonial district of Las Aguas and during the night it’s useful to schedule a private service from your hotel to the foot of the mountain to be able to enjoy a peaceful evening. This service can be booked with our with our Customer Service Team.

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Visit Monserrate and fall in love with the panoramic view of Bogotá at night / Photo: Daytours4u

2) Fly in a hot air balloon over the Colombian Coffee Triangle

A walk through the countryside will make anyone immerse themselves in the coffee culture, which has served as inspiration for some soap operas, many songs, and an occasional love story. You can experience a tour through the coffee plantations in a jeep willys or soaring above the heavens. If you choose a balloon ride you will discover that, besides being one of the most romantic activities you can do in the area, it is a unique experience without fears, which will allow you to surrender to the contemplation of the landscape.

The Coffee Triangle is an area located in the western mountain range, in the center of the country. It receives its name because its main economic and cultural activity revolves around coffee, so in 2011 Unesco declared the area as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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Flying in a balloon is one of the most romantic activities to do in Colombia / Photo: Daytours4u

3) Discover the essence of tango in Medellín

Medellín is known as one of the world capitals of tango, because since the 1920s the workers, who took their breaks at the inns, popularized this dance; years later, after the frequent visits of Carlos Gardel to this city, the followers of this River Plate compass grew. If you want to make a romantic activity in the city of Eternal Spring, we invite you to know the whole history of tango in Medellín: in it you will find drama, love and lack of heartache.

For the night, the best option is dancing. Moving to the rhythm of tango is sensual, different sexologists agree that this dance is an erotic encounter because music perfectly combines pleasurable sensations with the movement of this dance. In Medellín you can attend El Patio del Tango, on some nights there are dance classes and live performances, among other activities. Remember to check their website before attending.

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Discover why Gardel loved Medellín so much and let yourself be seduced by the city / Photo: Daytours4u

4) Walk through the walled city in Cartagena

A walk through the walled city of Cartagena allows you to go back in time but also immerse yourself in a unique gastronomic and cultural journey. Its cobbled streets and colorful houses give the feeling of being inside a surrealist painting; Through these streets you can find museums such as the artillery, the gold, the emerald, but there are also places like la Librería Ábaco where you can relax, have a coffee or a glass of wine, read a book and enjoy good music.

To finish the tour, the best plan is to sit and watch the sunset at Café del Mar, the ideal place to enjoy good cocktails while overlooking the sea. Located on the wall, this restaurant is one of the most striking places in the area, due to the events that take place.

Spend a magical day in Cartagena and discover the amazing history of this ancient port of Latin America, inside whose walls English and French Pirates fought historical battles and brawls. Walk through its monuments, travel to the past and join the 30,000 tourists from all over the world who come every year to tour this city.

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Travel tip: to have the most romantic experiences in Cartagena we also invite you to discover the depths with diving in Barú Island Scuba Diving Day Tour.

Spend a magical day in Cartagena and discover the history of this ancient port of Latin America / Photo: Alexander Salazar

5) Visit Providence Island from San Andrés

A week of vacation on white sand beaches, surrounded by a sea that shelters in its depths the third largest barrier reef in the world, with almost 100 hectares, – a whole architectural work of Mother Nature – is an excellent way to surprise your partner. Travel to the archipelago of San Andrés, Santa Catalina and Providencia: three islands of the Colombian Caribbean where you can relax and fall in love again.

The first, San Andrés, is the arrival destination, an islet where you can dance, go shopping, visit its majestic beaches and hotels, and eat in places like La Regatta, a refined restaurant where you can enjoy excellent traditional dishes. San Andrés is the most diverse island of the three, combining the natural environments of its beaches with the entertainment areas.

On the other hand, Santa Catalina is an area made up of 700 people, it’s a virgin paradise that delegates almost all its tourist activities to the other two; is connected to Providencia by the Puente de los Enamorados. In Providencia is where the real magic happens, to travel to this island is to return to the Caribbean of yesteryear. In 2000 Unesco declared this island together with Santa Catalina as a world reserve of marine flora. Many travels to this destination for their honeymoon due to the great disconnection that is experienced there; In addition, you can partake in different water activities such as diving, walking under the sea or taking a boat ride to see the seascape from the surface.

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Providencia is a destination reserved by many for their honeymoon due to the exclusivity of the place / Photo: Daytours4u

6) Bonus: Tour the haciendas of the Colombian Pacific

If you go to the Colombian Pacific and are thinking about escaping for a couple of hours with your partner, we recommend visiting the sugarcane plantations, one of the typical crops in the area. Going through its fields is the opportunity to listen to different stories that go back to the time of colonization.

Hacienda El Paraiso, for example, was the inspiration of Colombian writer Jorge Isaacs to write his emblematic romantic novel: María; This beautiful farm is surrounded by cane fields and beautiful gardens, where probably the author’s lover walked more than once.

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Hacienda El Paraiso inspired Jorge Isaacs to write “María”; inspire yourself too / Photo: Mario Carvajal

Don’t miss a chance to visit these romantic destinations to surprise your partner and sweep her off her feet.

By: Laura García Betancur, Colombian journalist and audiovisual communicator from the University of Manizales, Colombia.