Colombia4u: From Digital to Local


Colombia4u, the Daytours4u tours and activities booking website dedicated to destination Colombia, recently became a local operator and now has its own National Registry of Tourism, an office in Bogotá, and extensive payment methods for foreigners and nationals and local representative expertise of the destination. This transformation from the digital to the local is a return to the origins of tourism experiences that aims to offer travelers the world’s most authentic excursions and activities in Colombia.


Colombia4u has become a local operator and this transformation will result in authentic and rewarding travel experiences for both foreigners and Colombians alike

In this new stage, Colombia4u will continue to provide the best service to tourists seeking to discover the natural wonders and diversity that Colombia and its people offer, and will also address the high demand of private groups and Colombian companies that organize incentivizing trips within the country’s national territory, who trust in the selection of the experiences that are offered, since they respond to three fundamental premises: quality, authenticity and a positive impact for both the traveler and the local community.

Being a local tour operator also contributes to the expansion of the catalog of tours and activities at Colombia4u, since it promotes the creation of new projects by other Colombian companies and enterprises, as well as the development of its own initiatives that meet the expectations of different types of travelers: from those looking for adventure in the Coffee Triangle, to couples who choose the romanticism of the paradisiacal coast of San Andrés, passing through the most intrepid tourists who look for personalized excursions in remote places like the Amazon.

In addition to the classic city tours through the main cities of Colombia and guided tours of the country’s emblematic attractions, Colombia4u will continue offering new ways to discover these fantastic sites of interest and experiences aimed at discovering the richness of the local culture beyond the destinations. Every location within this magical country houses indescribable landscapes and fascinating stories that no tourist can resist.

At Colombia4u we aim to provide that travelers from all over the world with the opportunity to enjoy the true Colombian experience, always accompanied by a multicultural, committed, and responsible team that speaks their same language and understands their needs. Join our social networks on Facebook and Instagram and find your next adventure through Colombia at

By: Daytours4u’s Content Team