Colombia’s National Coffee Park: A Must-See for Coffee Lovers


Colombia is famous for producing some of the best coffee in the world. As such, this drink has significant cultural importance in the country. Along with the culture of drinking it, there is also a long tradition in the growing and preparation of this exilir of life.

To really get to know Colombian culture, you need to understand it’s coffee culture. For this reason, be sure to add a visit to the National Coffee Park, or Parque del Café, to your itinerary. This theme park is dedicated to the culture and history of coffee and has a number of fun and informative attractions. Located in Colombia’s Coffee Triangle (Eje Cafetero), in the department of Quindio, this park – which receives about 450,000 visitors each year – offers a variety of attractions and activities.

A vista of the Coffee Triangle from the National Coffee Park

The National Coffee Park is in the heart of the coffee growing region / Source

National Coffee Park: Cultural Heritage & Amusement Park

Founded in 1995 by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, the National Coffee Park is a non-profit initiative for the preservation of the cultural and coffee heritage of Colombia, aimed at promoting cultural, recreational, and ecological tourism. The park was designed by architect Diego Arango Mora and is located 12km from Armenia, the capital city of Quindio.

Visitors are welcomed to the park by a delicious aroma and a 22 meter high gazebo from where you can get a panoramic view of the park and its surroundings.

A view of some of the buildings in the coffee park

The Park offers a variety of activities within its 12 hectares / Source

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Coffee Park Attractions

Besides its 120 thousand square metres, exotic vegetation and modern infrastructure, the National Coffee Park also offers 36 attractions for all ages. These attractions are divided into three categories:

1. Mechanical & Water Rides

There are a total of 19 mechanical and water attractions for adults and children, most with a coffee theme. These attractions include the “Barco del Café” (Coffee Boat) which simulates open sea navigation; the Tren del Café (Coffee Train), which takes you on a tour through the history of Colombia; and the Cafeteritos, a dedicated area for children up to 1.30 m in height, and includes a carousel, aquatic mountain and more.

A bridge through some of the lush nature in the park

The park also provides ecological adventures and walks / Source

2. Themed Attractions

The Interactive Coffee Museum is one of 15 themed attractions in the park. The space has four rooms which tell the story of coffee using interactive 3D videos. You can also visit the Casa Campesina, a typical coffee hacienda (farm), characterised by its L-shaped building, spacious corridors with balconies and colourful doors. Among the other themed attractions is the Sendero del Café, a beautiful and pleasant path through the gardens.

The Interactive Coffee Museum in the park

Get to know more about coffee in the Interactive Coffee Museum / Source

3. Shows

El Secreto de la Naturaleza (The Secret of Nature) is a new show which boasts 24 robots and electronic elements, as well as animated projections on holographic screens. With an entrance fee of about USD $5, this show is about the Colombian environment and is focused on spreading the message of conservation. The Show del Café (Coffee Show) is the other show and a must-see in the park, taking you through the entire history of this grain, cultural traditions and coffee producing regions. There are 22 artists in a light show, dancing, juggling and typical Colombian music. Entry: USD $6.

How to get there:

The National Coffee Park is located in the Quindio department in the heart of the Coffee Triangle, approximately 20 minutes from the city of Armenia.

By car:

Take the road to Montenegro and follow the signs to Pueblo Tapao. The park is 3.5 km from Montenegro.

By bus:

There are minibus services and vans that go from the Armenia Transport Terminal to the National Coffee Park, approximately every 15 minutes. There are also minibus services running from Montenegro to the park.

By tour:

If you wish to visit the park without having to worry about transport, book a tour to the National Coffee Park. This includes transport from anywhere in the Coffee Triangle, including the Risaralda and Caldas departments.

No visit to Colombia is complete with getting to know more about the country’s coffee production. After all, Colombian coffee is considered one of the most aromatic and soft brews in the world.

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By: Luiza Cavalcante / Adapted by: Nicole Eberhard