Tayrona National Park to close for one month from January 28th


For the four indigenous villages of Tayrona, the Sierra Neveda is the heart of the world and its surroundings are sacred. For this reason, the local tribes have asked the government of Santa Marta to temporary close Tayrona National Park; a request that was accepted, meaning there will be no tourist activities permitted there from January 28th through February 28th.

Tayrona National ParkThere will be no tourist activities in Tayrona National Park between January 28th and February 28th

The pueblos – as they are known in Colombia – of Kogi, Sánha, Kankuama and Ika will have this time to practice their rituals of offering that help to strengthen the spiritual cleansing of the region. A similar exercise was realised in January 2017, and the results were positive according to the authorities and the main representatives of the indigenous communities.

“The petition (…) was accepted on the basis that it is the mission of the state to protect the heritage and natural habitat where the traditional cultures of our country live. In addition, protected areas contribute to sustainable human development, the conservation of biodiversity and representative ecosystems, and the maintenance of environmental goods and services such as water, fauna, flora, and other natural elements”, says the official website of the Colombian National Parks.

The indigenous communities explain that these rituals allow us to recover the harmony of the planet and the balance of the universe, considering that the presence of hurricanes, droughts, and famines across the world are due in large part to human activity, and it is they – the original peoples – that have the responsibility to start repairing it. This balance is achieved through offerings to sacred places, giving back to the Earth what has been taken from it.

At the culmination of these rituals, tourist activities will resume in Tayrona National Park and the spectacular beaches of Neguanje, Playa Cristal, Cañaveral, Arrecifes, among others, will be open once again.


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On the other hand, those of you planning to visit this wondrous place from March should bear in mind that tickets to Tayrona can be paid online.

Foreigner tax is US$10 and is paid directly at the park entrance.

By: Keilma Rojas. Translated by: Simon Hall