Handy facts to understand the best carnivals in South America [Infographic]


It’s Carnival season in South America, and many of the world’s largest and most extravagant parties have begun in earnest. A great number of towns and cities across the continent spare no expense to celebrate Carnival, with people of all ages donning fanciful costumes and coming out into the streets for some widespread merrymaking.

From Barranquilla, Colombia to Gualeguaychú, Argentina, Carnival is one of the most anticipated events on the cultural calendar, drawing huge crowds of tourists who come from all corners of the globe to soak in the local history, culture, and traditions. Each place has its own unique selling point – parades, llamadas, corsos, tablados, murgas, and comparsas. These are just some of the customs that make this a fantastic, and extremely entertaining, time to visit. Check out our guide to 6 of the best Carnivals in South America in this handy infographic.

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Designed by Daniela Rivas / Written by Simon Hall