South America Football Calendar 2017


This year, Daytours4u is taking you to the pitch! In South America football is much more than just a sport. Discover this passion with our Football Tours and go to the best stadiums with the best company!

Football is a such a passion in South America that the game is like a party. You cannot miss it. To help you plan your trip this article will highlight the most important games throughout the continent and the most important games between the World Cup 2018 qualifiers. This way you can put on your favourite football shirt and enjoy the victory (or defeat) of the local teams.

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See players such as Messi playing live / Source

World Cup 2018 Qualifiers in South America

Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile… the best South America’s best football players will face eachother in the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers! Feel the emotion of seeing Messi, Neymar, Mascherano and Agüero play live in one of the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers.

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World Cup 2018 – Qualifiers in Argentina

This is the list of some of the World Cup Qualifying Games that will be played in Argentina.

WeekDateTime (Local Time)GameStadium
Week 1323/038:30 PMArgentina – ChileMonumental, Buenos Aires
Week 1605/09UncommunicatedArgentina – VenezuelaUncommunicated
Week 1705/10UncommunicatedArgentina – PerúUncommunicated


World Cup 2018 – Qualifiers in Uruguay

This is the list of some of the World Cup Qualifying Games that will be played in Uruguay.

WeekDateTime (Local time)GameStadium
Round 1323/038:00 PMUruguay – BrazilCentenario, Montevideo
Round 1531/08UncommunicatedUruguay – ArgentinaUncommunicated
Round 1810/10UncommunicatedUruguay – BoliviaUncommunicated


World Cup 2018 – Qualifiers in Brazil

This is the list of some of the World Cup Qualifying Games that will be played in Brazil.

WeekDateTime (Local Time)GameStadium
Week 1428/039:45 PMBrazil – ParaguayArena Corinthians, São Paulo
Week 1531/08UncommunicatedBrazil – EcuadorUncommunicated
Week 1810/10UncommunicatedBrazil – ChileUncommunicated


World Cup 2018 – Qualifiers in Colombia

This is the list of some of the World Cup Qualifying Games that will be played in Colombia.

WeekDateTime (Local time)GameStadium
Week 1323/033:30 PMColombia – BoliviaMetropolitano, Barranquilla
Week 1605/09UncommunicatedColombia – BrazilUncommunicated
Week 1705/10UncommunicatedColombia – ParaguayUncommunicated


World Cup 2018 – Qualifiers Chile

This is the list of some of the World Cup Qualifying Games that will be played in Chile.

WeekDateTime (Local time)GameStadium
Week 1531/08UncommunicatedChile – ParaguayUncommunicated
Week 1705/10UncommunicatedChile – EcuadorUncommunicated

Source: FIFA

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La Bombonera, the legendary stadium of Boca / Source

Football in Argentina

Torneo Primera división 2017 Calendar

The Primera División Argentina (Argentinian Premier League) is one of the most talked about football event by fans world-wide. Its legendary games, like the superclasico Boca – River and the passion of the “hinchas” (Argentinian fans) make this championship a unique experience. If you like football, you have to see an Argentinian football game!

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In Argentina the exact dates and times will be given shortly before the game, we will try to keep you updated throughout the season!

Week 16UncommunicatedUncommunicatedBoca Juniors – Talleres
Week 16UncommunicatedUncommunicatedBelgrano – Racing Club
Week 16UncommunicatedUncommunicatedGodoy Cruz – San Lorenzo
Week 16UncommunicatedUncommunicatedLanus – River Plate
Week 17UncommunicatedUncommunicatedSan Lorenzo – Quilmes
Week 17UncommunicatedUncommunicatedRacing Club – Godoy Cruz
Week 17UncommunicatedUncommunicatedRiver Plate – Belgrano
Week 17UncommunicatedUncommunicatedSan Martin – Boca Juniors
Week 18UncommunicatedUncommunicatedBoca Juniors – Def y Justicia
Week 18UncommunicatedUncommunicatedGodoy Cruz – River Plate
Week 18UncommunicatedUncommunicatedTigre – San Lorenzo
Week 18UncommunicatedUncommunicatedQuilmes – Racing Club
Week 19UncommunicatedUncommunicatedSan Lorenzo – Sarmiento
Week 19UncommunicatedUncommunicatedRiver Plate – Quilmes
Week 19UncommunicatedUncommunicatedRacing Club – Tigre
Week 19UncommunicatedUncommunicatedArsenal – Newells
Week 2016/04UncommunicatedBoca Junios – Patronato
Week 20UncommunicatedUncommunicatedTigre – River Plate
Week 20UncommunicatedUncommunicatedSarmiento – Racing Club
Week 20UncommunicatedUncommunicatedNewells – Estudiantes LP
Week 20UncommunicatedUncommunicatedAtl Tucuman – San Lorenzo
Week 21UncommunicatedUncommunicatedSan Lorenzo – Temperley
Week 21UncommunicatedUncommunicatedRacing Club – Atl Tucuman
Week 21UncommunicatedUncommunicatedRiver Plate – Sarmiento
Week 21UncommunicatedUncommunicatedAtl Rafaela – Boca Juniors
Week 2230/04UncommunicatedBoca Juniors – Arsenal
Week 22UncommunicatedUncommunicatedAtl Tucuman – River Plate
Week 22UncommunicatedUncommunicatedTemperley – Racing Club
Week 22UncommunicatedUncommunicatedGimnasia LP – San Lorenzo
Week 23UncommunicatedUncommunicatedRacing Club – Gimnasia LP
Week 23UncommunicatedUncommunicatedRiver Plate – Temperley
Week 23UncommunicatedUncommunicatedNewells – Independiente
Week 23UncommunicatedUncommunicatedSan Lorenzo – Rosario Central
Week 23UncommunicatedUncommunicatedEstudiantes LP – Boca Juniors
Week 24UncommunicatedUncommunicatedIndependiente – Racing Club
Week 2414/05UncommunicatedBoca Juniors – River Plate
Week 24UncommunicatedUncommunicatedHuracan – San Lorenzo
Week 2521/05UncommunicatedBoca Juniors – Newells
Week 25UncommunicatedUncommunicatedSan Lorenzo – Aldosivi
Week 25UncommunicatedUncommunicatedRosario Central – Racing Club
Week 25UncommunicatedUncommunicatedIndependiente – Huracan
Week 26UncommunicatedUncommunicatedRiver Plate – Rosario Central
Week 26UncommunicatedUncommunicatedHuracan – Boca Juniors
Week 26UncommunicatedUncommunicatedRacing Club – San Lorenzo
Week 27UncommunicatedUncommunicatedRacing Club – Aldosivi
Week 27UncommunicatedUncommunicatedSan Lorenzo – River Plate
Week 2704/06UncommunicatedBoca Juniors – Independiente
Week 28UncommunicatedUncommunicatedAldosivi – Boca Juniors
Week 28UncommunicatedUncommunicatedRiver Plate – Racing Club
Week 28UncommunicatedUncommunicatedColon – San Lorenzo
Week 29UncommunicatedUncommunicatedRiver Plate – Aldosivi
Week 29UncommunicatedUncommunicatedRacing Club – Colon
Week 29UncommunicatedUncommunicatedOlimpo – Boca Juniors
Week 29UncommunicatedUncommunicatedSan Lorenzo – Banfield
Week 30UncommunicatedUncommunicatedBanfield – Racing Club
Week 30UncommunicatedUncommunicatedTalleres – San Lorenzo
Week 3025/06UncommunicatedBoca Juniors – Union
Week 30UncommunicatedUncommunicatedColon – River Plate

The time and dates have not been communicated yet.

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Copa Libertadores is one of the most prestigious cup in South America – Peñarol vs LDU Quito / Source

Copa Libertadores 2017

Enjoy the Copa Libertadores with us. This is the South American equivalent of the Champion’s League, where the best team of every South American championship play eachother in this historical cup. Discover teams such as the Atletico Nacional, Independiente, Palmeiras and many more thanks to this exciting cup.

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Copa Libertadores 2017 – Games in Argentina

This is a list of some of the most important Copa Libertadores games played in Argentina.

Group 111/049:00 PMEstudiantes – Barcelona
Group 313/049:00 PMRiver Plate – Melgar
Group 718/049:00 PMLanús – Zulia
Group 119/049:00 PMEstudiantes – Atlético Nacional
Group 620/047:30 PMGodoy Cruz – Sport Boys
Group 525/047:30 PMAtlético Tucumán – Jorge Wilstermar
Group 425/049:00 PMSan Lorenzo – Universidad Católica
Group 502/057:30 PMAtlético Tucumán – Peñarol
Group 604/059:00 PMGodoy Cruz – Libertad
Group 310/059:00 PMRiver Plate – Emelec
Group 717/059:45 PMLanús – Chapecoense
Group 417/059:45 PMSan Lorenzo – Flamengo
Group 325/057:30 PMRiver – Independiente Medellín
Group 125/059:45 PMEstudiantes – Botafogo


Copa Libertadores 2017 – Games in Uruguay

This is a list of some of the most important Copa Libertadores games played in Uruguay.

Group 725/049:45 PMNacional – Chapecoense
Group 526/049:45 PMPeñarol – Palmeiras
Group 723/057:30 PMNacional – Lanús
Group 524/059:45 PMPeñarol – Wilstermann


Copa Libertadores 2017 – Games in Brazil

This is a list of some of the most important Copa Libertadores games played in Brazil.

Group 403/059:00 PMAtlético Paranaense – San Lorenzo
Group 616/059:45 PMAtlético Mineiro – Godoy Cruz
Group 524/059:45 PMPalmeiras – Atlético Tucumán


Copa Libertadores 2017 – Games in Colombia

This is a list of some of the most important Copa Libertadores games played in Colombia.

Group 315/039:00 PMIndependiente Medellín – River Plate
Group 102/059:00 PMAtlético Nacional – Estudiantes


Copa Libertadores 2017 – Games in Chile

This is a list of some of the most important Copa Libertadores games played in Chile.

Group 412/049:00 PMUniversidad Católica – San Lorenzo


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Nacional is one of Uruguay’s best teams – Nacional vs Atlético Madrid / Source

Football games in Uruguay – Primera división 2017

If you go to Uruguay, you should go and see a game in the Uruguayan First League, “la Primera División Uruguaya”. Discover teams such as Peñarol or Nacional and enjoy the best of the Uruguayan football.

Week 719/035:00 PMPeñarol – Rampla Juniors
Week 719/035:00 PMEl Tanque Sisley – Nacional
Week 826/034:00 PMDefensor Sporting – Peñarol
Week 826/034:00 PMNacional – Liverpool
Week 904/04UncommunicatedPeñarol – Nacional
Week 1009/044:00 PMJuventud – Peñarol
Week 1009/044:00 PMNacional – Wanderers
Week 1116/044:00 PMPeñarol – Danubio
Week 1116/044:00 PMCerro – Nacional
Week 1223/044:00 PMFénix – Nacional
Week 1223/044:00 PMPlaza Colonial – Peñarol
Week 1330/044:00 PMPeñarol – River Plate
Week 1330/044:00 PMNacional – Rampla Juniors
Week 1407/054:00 PMDefensor Sporting – Nacional
Week 1407/054:00 PMPeñarol – Cerro
Week 1514/054:00 PMPeñarol – Nacional

The dates and times may change

One of the most beautiful aspects of travelling South America is being integrated into the local culture, and to do so there is nothing better than attending a football game. Go to the pitch and live the passion of the South American football. You cannot miss this unique experience during your trip to South America.