Traveling in Carnival: Everything you need to know for your trip through South America


With carnival celebrations having already begun in some towns and cities across South America, we have selected our most popular articles related to this holiday, to give you practical advice and inside information that is useful for you now that you are traveling in Carnival.

carnivalCarnival time in South America is one of the highlights on the cultural calendar

Carnival in Rio

If you already have your tickets to see the parades of the Samba Schools of the Rio Carnival and you want to prepare for the biggest event in the world, you are probably wondering about those little details that will make your night in Rio an unforgettable occasion. Here we leave some articles that may interest you:

Carnival in Barranquilla

All the preparations have been finalised and the most anticipated cultural event of the year in Colombia – Barranquilla Carnival – is set to kick off. It is a party out of the ordinary: full of colour, joy, and fantasy in which the indigenous Caribbean cultural traditions and charisma of Barranquilla are showcased through an extravagant array of parades, competitions, and concerts. Read here some interesting information about the Barranquilla Carnival and discover its transcendence in the Colombian culture:


carnivalThe carnival beats and rhythms derive from Africa

Carnival in Uruguay

Uruguay is perhaps known as the longest Carnival country in the world – more than 40 days from the inaugural parade to the announcement of the winners of the final parade – and is probably one of the best times of the year to get to know the country, because the popular holiday is compounded by the fact that it coincides with summer, the ideal opportunity to enjoy its ocean beaches – the rest of the year the temperature is too cold to bathe. Here we leave you two articles that may interest you to enjoy these days in Uruguay:

Carnival in Buenos Aires

It’s early in the year and the summer is sizzling, but there is something else in the air; the streets are seemingly exploding into scenes of fantastical costumes, rhythmic music, exotic dance, parades and celebration. Yes, we are talking about Buenos Aires Carnival. Find here interesting information about the fun murgas in Buenos Aires.

carnivalGyrating carnival dancers and all of life’s colours are always part of the celebrations

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If you are visiting South America for carnival this summer, we can help you enrich your travel experiences. Check out our tours and activities in Rio de Janeiro, São PauloChile, Colombia, Uruguay, Buenos Aires, and across Argentina.

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