7 Things That Happen After Carnival In Rio


Because you can leave the Carnival in Rio, but the Carnival doesn’t leave you…

1. You will need to put on clothes again to leave the house.

Clothes before and after carnival in RioUnfortunately Carnival’s free dress sense doesn’t extend to normal life / Source

2. Not it is not normal to see men dressed as women, and vice versa

In many of the street parties, almost all of the men appear in dresses / Source

3. You don’t need to guess the nationality of all those around you.

Chances you that you won’t hear this many different accents back at home / Photo: Daytours4u

4. Sunrise will indicate the start of a new day, rather than the end of the previous.

Sunrise during Carnival in RioThe party during Carnival tends to go on until sunrise, then keeps going! / Source

5. You probably no longer party with people of all ages.

Life after Carnival in Rio
There’s no ageism is Carnival / Source

No, really, of ALL ages!

From young to old, everyone gets into the Carnival spirit / Source
From young to old, everyone gets into the Carnival spirit / Source

6. There’ll be an endless loop of samba music in your head.

Samba beats are infectious and difficult to get out your head! / Photo: Daytours4u

7. You’ll miss all the love and fun on the streets.

Love and fun during Rio's Street Parties
There’s a lot of love to share around during Carnival’s street parties / Source

Let’s face it, Carnival ruins you! Life after Carnival in Rio is just plain boring. Time to start saving for round 2 in 2017. Start planning your next Brazilian vacation with us now.


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By Thalles Santos