The 4 Most Popular Tours in Rio


Ah Rio, the city that seems to have it all: gorgeous beaches, luscious green spaces, phenomenal lookout points, historical buildings, not to mention its buzzing nightlife, electric samba beats, friendly people and rich culture.

The only problem with Rio is that the city’s endless activities make choosing what to do in Rio quite difficult. To help you out, we are sharing our best-selling tours, the favourites amongst fellow travellers like yourself. Our 4 most popular tours in Rio de Janeiro are:

1. Rio Full Day City Tour

This comprehensive full day city tour visits all of Rio de Janeiro’s top attractions and highlights. Starting in the city centre, visit Rio landmarks such as the Sambadrome, Metropolitan Cathedral and Cinelandia Plaza. Next, head up Urca Hill and ascend Sugar Loaf Mountain for spectacular views of the city. Indulge in a delicious seafood lunch before taking the train across Tijuca Forest and up to Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado Hill. A day jam-packed with culture, history and breathtaking views awaits you with this city excursion.

The Rio city tour is ideal for travellers who are short on time and are looking to see the best of Rio de Janeiro in one day.

Tour runs daily, and lasts 9 hours.

popular tours in rio

See Rio’s highlights on a Full Day City Tour / source

2. Tijuca Rainforest Jeep Tour

Immerse yourself in the shady green embrace of one of the largest urban forests in the world. This Tijuca Rainforest Jeep Tour takes passengers deep into the heart of the sprawling Tijuca Rainforest. Take a gentle walk along the jungle trail before hopping into an open-top jeep to explore more of the forest. Keep an eye out for the wildlife living amongst the trees, such as monkeys, exotic birds and butterflies, and visit the park’s top natural attractions, including waterfalls and lookout points with extraordinary panoramic views over the city.

This tour is perfect for tourists looking to explore more of Rio’s abundant nature, and seeking a peaceful escape from the bustling city.

Tour runs daily, with 2 departure times, and lasts 3 hours.

popular tours in rio

Take a drive in a jeep in the cool shade of Tijuca Forest / source

3. Rocinha Favela Tour

Brazil is a complex society with enormous social inequality, and Rio de Janeiro is no exception. To truly understand Rio’s complexities, you need to venture to its less affluent spaces. One of the most popular ways of doing this is with a Favela Tour. On this Rocinha Favela Tour, visit Rio’s largest favela on a half-day tour. Admire the views, the architecture and learn about daily life in the Rocinha and Vila Canoa favelas. The tour includes a stop at Para Ti school in Vila Canoas, run by an Italian family with the goal of improving the favela children’s school success.

If you’re interested in seeing another side to Rio, and gaining greater understanding of the social realities in Brazil, then this Favela Tour is perfect for you.

Tour runs daily with 2 departure times, lasts 3 hours.

popular tours in rio

Tour a tour of Rio’s largest favela, Rocinha / source

4. Plataforma Samba Show

You don’t have to be in Rio during Carnival to experience live samba and the indescribable energy of Rio’s Carnival atmosphere. Book your place at Rio’s most popular samba show for an evening of live samba, expert dancers, elaborate, colourful costumes and the energetic beat of Brazilian percussion music. This Plataforma Samba Show is an evening experience that you can’t get anywhere else in the world!

This tour is ideal for travellers looking to experience a bit of Rio’s nightlife and its infectious samba culture.

Tour runs daily, from 8:30pm. It is possible to book this door with dinner included.

Popular Tours in Rio

Experience electric atmosphere at Plataforma Samba / Credit: Rdj4u

The great thing about Rio is that there’s something for everyone in the Marvellous City. At Rdj4u, we try to reflect that in our tours, offering you, the traveller, a wide variety of tours and activities. Whether you want to book one of these popular tours in Rio, or if you want a more unique itinerary, we’ll help you put together your dream vacation in Rio de Janeiro!

So what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Rio de Janeiro today and let Rdj4u help make it unforgettable! 

By: Nicole Eberhard | English Content Manager for Daytours4u