Rdj4u Review: Plataforma Samba Show


Travelling to the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is no doubt a dream for those travellers that envision the fun and sexy stereotype of Brazil: Samba, pretty girls and endless partying. Unfortunately, not all travellers can afford to experience Carnival in this way, as visiting Rio de Janeiro during this time is expensive, plus not everyone can justify going on holiday so soon after  Christmas. For this reason, the Plataforma Samba Show was created, enabling travellers to experience a taste of Brazilian culture, folklore and happiness.

Plataforma Sama Show

The colourful, exotic Plataforma Samba Show

The night begins with dinner in the Churrascaria Carretão, a classic Brazilian rodizio restaurant with an all-you-can-eat buffet (drinks not included), where you will find a great selection of meat, salad, seafood, fruit and vegetables; in other words, all the typical delicacies from the rich Brazilian lands, the perfect start to an evening of fun.

Plataforma entrance

The entrance to the simple, elegant venue which hosts the Plataforma Samba Show

After dinner, you will be transported to the Plataforma Samba Show theatre in the heart of the trendy Leblon neighbourhood. The setting is simple yet elegant, with basic chairs and a large stage forming a cross, nothing too fancy which is nice as it creates a more relaxed atmosphere. After a few minutes of being seated, the waitress will come to offer you a drink and, even though drinks are not included in the package, it is hard to say no to a tasty, irresistible Caipirinha, Brazil’s national drink.

Then, let the show begin! The Plataforma Samba Show is a journey back in time through Brazil’s history, demonstrated through colourful folklore. The show starts with Indian dancers, paying tribute to Brazilian culture before the arrival of the Portuguese, followed by some amazing capoeira, which represents the strong African influence in Brazilian rhythms. The impressive performance put on by these capoeira dancers, with their nimbleness and agility, was a great opening for this first section of the show.

The Plataforma Samba show begins to heat up with a spectacular Forró number, followed by a display of stunning fantasias, which represent the exuberance of the Portuguese royalty and the richness of Brazil. This, combined with a great Samba performance, perfectly tops off the tale of Brazilian folklore and history.


The white fantasias represent peace and the wealth of the Portuguese


These beautiful colours represent the exhuberance of Brazil’s nature

At the end of the Plataforma Samba Show, all the fun and excitement will no doubt give you the urge to leap out your chair and join the dancers. Well, fortunately this is exactly what the dancers welcome you to do, and even if you’re a bit on the shy side, they, along with all the Caipirinhas you had during the show, will help you to lose yourself a little bit and enjoy moving to the rhythms.

Joining the dancers

At the end of the show, you’ll have the opportunity to get up and join the dancers!

After this great demonstration of Brazilian history, music and dancing, you will undoubtedly experience the satisfaction of having experienced a sample of Brazilian folklore, without having to fork out for Rio de Janeiro Carnival.  Before going to bed, one thing that you can be certain of is that after the Plataforma Samba Show, that huge smile on your face will last until the next morning.

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Written by: Nohelia Sanchez – Marketing Director
Edited by: Camilla Day – English Content Manager