Top Places to Spend Valentine’s Day in Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro is a city for lovers so spending Valentine’s Day here can be very special. Some say that romantic ambiance is generated by Rio de Janeiro Carnival, but we believe it’s due to Rio’s natural beauty, which is truly inspiring. To help you score points with your special someone, we’ve listed some of the top places to spend Valentine’s Day in Rio de Janeiro.

Enjoy with the love of your life the spectacular view of Rio in Pedra Bonita / Source

1) Pedra Bonita for a picnic under the stars:

Pedra Bonita is one of the mountains that shapes Rio de Janeiro and is the site for tandem hang-gliding. It’s one of the tallest hills in Tijuca Forest and offers a beautiful view over the beaches in the south and west zones of Rio. Behind the jump zone, there’s a little trail that leads to a higher part of the hill, where you can sit and appreciate the views over the beaches in São Conrado and Barra da Tijuca, and of Pedra da Gavea in front. There, you can camp overnight and enjoy a private evening with your partner beneath the stars and away from the city. Bring your picnic basket and a bottle of wine to make it a simple yet wonderful Valentine’s Day celebration.

Getting there: Walk up the Caminho da Pedra Bonita, from the Alto da Boa Vista neighborhood, until you reach the take-off point for hang-gliders take-off ramp. From there, take the little trail up the hill.

Price range: $

Romance-o-meter: <3 <3 <3

Valentine's Day in Rio de Janeiro - Pedra Bonita for a picnic under the stars / source

Appreciate the charm of the Sugar Loaf during a romantic dinner in Porcão Rio / Source

2) Dinner with a view over Sugar Loaf Mountain:

One of the best views over Sugar Loaf Mountain can be seen from Aterro do Flamengo Park. The restaurant Porcão Rio is the perfect spot to admire not only the hills, but the whole of Guanabara Bay. You can make a reservation for a table near the panoramic window and enjoy a romantic evening complete with excellent food and a spectacular view for your Valentine’s Day.

Getting there: Take a taxi to Porcão Rio: Infante Dom Henrique Ave, Aterro do Flamengo.

Price range: $$

Romance-o-meter: <3 <3

Valentine's Day in Rio de Janeiro - Dinner with a view over Sugar Loaf Mountain / source

At any time on February 14, Copabana is a magical place to enjoy / Source

3) A dream meal in Copacabana:

On top of a hotel in Copacabana, there is a beautiful deck lounge with a panoramic view over the beach, which is simply breathtaking. The food here is exquisite, with a mixture of Brazilian classics and international dishes. There is also a bar, where you can enjoy tasty caipirinhas and relaxing music beside the pool. For a sophisticated warm-up to the night, we would recommend this option, followed by one of the nearby nightclubs as Valentine’s Day combo.

Getting there: Go up to the Deck Lounge Bar at the top of Pestana Rio Atlantica Hotel: 2964 Atlantica Ave., Copacabana.

Price range: $$$

Romance-o-meter: <3

Besides these three places, there are a number of options for ways to spend Valentine’s Day in Rio de Janeiro. Visit our website for more information, or to book tours and activities.

By: Pedro Rocha