Bohemian Rio: What to Do in Lapa at Night


Nightlife in Rio de Janeiro is synonymous with Lapa. This bohemian neighbourhood is famous thanks to its numerous bars, nightclubs and concert halls. People from across the city flock here after work for happy hour, or to stay and make the most of the night. There is something for everyone’s taste in this fascinating corner of Rio. Visit Lapa at night and sample the many bars, or stay on the sidewalk with your beer enjoying the street parties. Whatever you do, don’t miss experiencing Lapa at night!

The streets of Lapa at night, full of partygoers

The neighbourhood of Lapa comes alive at night / Source

Where to go in Lapa at night:

Circo Voador:

Circo Voador is one of Rio’s main concert spaces, with an arena holding up to two thousand people. The stage is strategically located overlooking the emblematic Lapa Arches. While not a massive stadium, Circo Voado, with its unusual design, has great importance in the music scene of a city that attracts a constant stream of national and international artists.

A band performing on the stage of Circo Voador in Lapa

Circo Voador’s stage hosts local and international artists year round / Source

Fundição Progresso:

Another important space for artistic and musical performances is Fundição Progresso. This cultural centre’s main objective is showcasing Brazil’s independent art scene.

Rio Scenarium:

One of the most famous nightlife spots in Lapa is Rio Scenarium. Located on 20 Rua do Lavradio, this unique space plays live Samba, Choro, and Forró, as well as electronic music on the dance floor. Its three floors are filled with a large collection of antique furniture and objects, with more than ten thousand pieces, creating an eclectic atmosphere. Right next to Rio Scenarium is Santo Scenarium, a great dining option.

A band playing at Rio Scenarium in Lapa

At Rio Scenarium you can enjoy live music and an eclectic atmosphere / Source

Casa Momus:

Casa Momus is also located on Rua do Lavradio. This restaurant has more of a lounge feel, with delicious Mediterranean cuisine on offer, as well as a great drinks list.

Lapa 40 Graus:

Those that are looking for a fun night out in Lapa should head to Lapa 40º. Here you’ll hear Gafieira, Swing, Forró, Musica Popular Brasilera (MPB) and Pop Rock. There are also multiple bars and pool tables.

Clube dos Democráticos:

Founded in 1867 during the Empire, Clube dos Democráticos is the place to for those who like to dance. Forró pé de Serra and Gafieira are the house favourites.

People dancing samba in Clube dos Democraticos

Clube dos Democráticos is one of the most traditional samba places in the city / Source

Rua Mem de Sá:

Passing the Lapa Arches across the Plaza da Cruz Vermelha, there are many bars to choose from along this street. Among the most notable are Carioca da Gema and Café Sacrilégio with good Samba options, Bar da Boa, Boteco da Garrafa, Antonio’s, and Nova Capela.

How to get there:

You can take the subway to Cinelandia station. Get off next to Cine Odeon and follow Rua do Passeio until you get to Lapa. You can’t miss it thanks to the Lapa Arches. At night, the most recommended way is to take a taxi and get off at Av. Mem de Sá.


If you are going to Lapa alone at night, always take a taxi. Don’t walk in alleys or dark places where there are few people.

Lapa is one of the most interesting neighbourhoods to explore in Rio thanks to its cool, bohemian vibes and many attractions for all types of travellers. Spend an afternoon exploring Lapa during the day, and end with a show, good food, some samba and a few drinks.

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By: Henrique Santos / Adapted by: Luiza Cavalcante & Nicole Eberhard