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Bar Facal: Uruguayan Chivito and Tango

At the Bar Facal you will taste the exquisite and traditional Uruguayan food while you enjoy an unforgettable tango show. Make your reservation today and enjoy a unique lunch!

Bar Facal: Uruguayan Chivito and Tango

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Type of service Regular
Seasons All year round
Type of traveller Solo traveller, With kids, Backpackers, Couples
Country Uruguay
Type of tour Experiences


  • Main dish: Uruguayan Chivito (Beef sandwich with vegetables)
  • Dessert, ice cream with dulce de leche.
  • 1 drink (beer, soda, water or wine).
  • Coffee
  • Street tango show
  • Souvenir: lock with the engraved logo of the couple or a Bar Facal branded coffee mug (1 for every two people)
Days and Hours:

Monday to Sunday.
Departs at 12:00 hs.


2 hours approx.


The Bar Facal opened its doors in 1882 and is one of the oldest and most recognize venue in downtown Montevideo. It is located on the traditional corner of July 18 and is an important reference in Uruguayan cuisine, and tourists’ favorite place. In addition to its rich history, Bar Facal has a feature that immediately stands out when you arrive on site. It is a volcanic stone that occupies a preponderant place at the entrance to the bar. It has been placed there in 2005 and is associated with a romantic legend of eternal love. Legend has it that couples leave a padlock chained to the gate of the fountain which symbolizes their love, and one day, they will return to Montevideo as a way to renew that beautiful feeling. This emblematic padlocks tourist attraction and the statue of Carlos Gardel are already a tradition in the city and a mandatory stop for visitors.

Bar Facal will have you tasting an exquisite traditional Uruguayan lunch in an area that is filled with various tourist attractions. While you taste delicious typical foods you can enjoy an impressive tango show performed by a professional couple of dancers who manage to convey the emotion and sensuality of this magnificent dance. Before being the Bar Facal that we know today, the place was a chocolate and quince jelly factory that eventually consolidated itself as one of the most traditional restaurants in the Uruguayan capital, where locals usually spend their afternoons taking a mate or an aromatic coffee. Some of their options on the menu range from the traditional Uruguayan chivito to waffles, as well as their delicious and original pizzas. For dessert, try their artisanal dulce de leche ice cream which are considered the best in the city.

Book your spot for the Bar Facal and live a special and unique experience in the center of Montevideo. Enjoy the charming architecture of the place, its traditional cuisine and history and unmissable anecdotes.

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Important Notes

  • This tour can be combined with the city tour. If you book the morning city tour, you can ask the driver to drop you near the Bar El Facal.
  • The Bar Facal is located at Avenida 18 de Julio 1249, at the corner of Yí, barrio centro of Montevideo.
  • There is one souvenir available for every two people. In the case of an individual reservation you will have to pay the surplus of the souvenir.
  • Tips are not included.
  • Take into account that on Saturday and Sunday there are no tango shows.
  • If you wish to book a transportation service, please contact our Customer Service team to know the additional cost

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