“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Millions of people apply this Albert Einstein quote literally. Some can't even stop pedaling during their holidays. As a result, bike tours are becoming more and more popular, especially for tourists travelling to South America.

tour de bicicleta en la Patagonia Celebrate Bicycle day by pedaling through South America / Source

Cycling is so popular that since 1985 on April, 19th, we celebrate Bicycle Day throughout the world in order to promote the use of the most ecological and health-benefiting mode of transport.

But why on April 19th? There are two versions of the creation of Bicycle day. The first one states that this day is celebrated in honor of Albert Hofmann, the Swiss chemist who invented LSD. On April 19th 1943, he experimented his substance on himself in order to check the effects as he was riding his bike back home. The second version claims that this celebration was born in 1985 in Los Angeles, in the United States, when a group of cyclists organised a friendly race in the centre of the city and called the event the “bicycle day”.

If travelling in South America, you must include a bike tour in order to get your blood pumping and create special memories of your South American adventure. In this article you will discover our selection of the best bike tours in the continent so that you can really take advantage of its most beautiful landscapes.

Bike tour in Salento, Colombia

Bike tours during Bicycle day / Colombia4u Ride through the mountains of Salento with your bicycle and add adrenaline to your trip to Colombia / Photo by Lucila Runnacles

Salento is a lovely village located in the Colombia Coffee Triangle. Cycling through the Andean tropical forests and the huge coffee plantations is an amazing adventure and one of the many unmissable activities in Salento. You can rent a bike in the village and begin the visit on your own, but since the terrain is mostly mountainous, we recommend the Bike Tour in Salento. You should be in a good physical shape and pay close attention to the guide’s instructions to take this tour.

Travelling tip: For those of you who stay in Colombia for only a few days or do not plan to visit the Coffee Triangle, you can enjoy the cycle lanes of Bogota, opened from 7 am to 2 pm every Sunday and holiday of the year.

Bike tour in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Bike tours in Rio / Rdj4u Take a bike tour to visit the emblematic sites of Rio, such as the Selaron Steps / Source

The so-called Marvelous City is full of emblematic tourist attractions, not only famous because of their beauty and peculiarity but also because of their history. The Historical Rio Bike Tour is the perfect excursion if you wish to discover the famous Escadaria Selarón, also known as the Selaron Steps, the Museum of Tomorrow, the Cinelandia Square amongst many others.

Bike tour in Montevideo, Uruguay

Tour de bicicleta Montevideo Pedal through the 20 kilometers of the Rambla of Montevideo / Source

Montevideo has more than 20 kilometers of coast. If you want to discover the best of the Uruguayan capital, you should pedal through the famous Rambla of Montevideo - this unmissable activity will make you feel like a true local. The best bike tour of Montevideo is the one that you can create for yourself. Cycling through the city is a complete pleasure and is safe, and you won’t need anything more than a map to find your way every now and then. You can rent bikes from many hotels, so get ready to pedal from the Bay of Montevideo to the luxurious neighbourhood of Carrasco, passing through Ciudad Vieja, Palermo and Pocitos.

Travelling tip: If you are in Buenos Aires and want to discover the Uruguayan town of Colonia de Sacramento, you can take the Tour to Colonia with Bike Rental, including the round trip ticket to Colonia in a speed boat.

Bike tour in Santiago de Chile

Tour de bicicleta en Santiago Chile Wine and a bike, the best bike tour in Santiago / Source

Surrounding the city of Santiago there are wine cellars famous not only in South America but which are highly regarded world-wide. That is why the best bike tour in the Chilean capital is the Santiago Wine Tour by Bike. You will be brought by van to the Maipo valley, 45 minutes away from the capital, and once there you will hop on your bike and discover the dazzling vineyards. You will also taste 4 wines during your trip, have lunch and will go back home fully satisfied.

Bike tour in the Yungas in Salta, Argentina

bike tour yungas salta If you are used to cycling in the mountains, pedal through the Obispo Coast in Salta

In the Northwest of Argentina is the city of Salta, famous for its valleys, mountains and jungles. All travellers going to Salta and who are in search of a great adventure must take part in the spectacular Bike Tour in the Jungle. That tour offers three types of excursion fit for the varying physical and technical abilities of anyone who wishes to join in. If you do not have a lot of experience with a bicycle, do not worry, the half-day circuit is just what you need. Those of you who are used to riding in the mountains can try the one-day circuit or the route that goes to the Obispo Coast, a 25 kilometer ride.

Travelling tip: If you stay in the Argentinian capital, you should do the Classic Bike Tour of Buenos Aires. You will ride your bike in San Telmo, La Boca, Caminito, the Plaza de Mayo and the many points of interest of the centre of Buenos Aires.

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These beautiful South American cities are an architectural invitation to follow Einstein’s advice: keep on pedaling. Discover the traditional attractions throughout the continent and discover its hidden jems on two wheels. Contact our expert team at Daytours4u if you want to prepare a travel itinerary adapted to your every need or if you have any question regarding a trip South America.

By: Keilma Rojas, Venezuelan journalist specialised in culture and actuality. Writer in Spanish for Daytours4u / Translated to English by: Grégory Noël