In Brazil, the South American giant, any excuse is perfect for celebrating love. While some celebrate with friends and couples on February 14 (Valentine’s Day), July 12th is the exclusive day for lovers in Brazil. But why this day? Unfortunately, we regret to say that it has little to do with affection, because it was actually a publicist who, in 1949, had the idea of creating a day on the eve of Saint Anthony of Padua (a saint who is typically prayed to for getting married), to mobilize consumption in the classically low season month.


Romantic The renewal of votes in a tango house / Photo: Adriana Carolina
Although this is a cold origin of “Dia dos Namorados” (Lover’s Day in Brazil), Brazilians are very committed to having a good time with their loved ones, and are eager to prepare authentic surprises to celebrate their commitments. Below you will find some romantic plans to enjoy this day (whether you’re Brazilian or not) by getting to know the beautiful areas around the Río de la Plata, and, best of all, these ideas can be applied all throughout the year for any day that you like, because in South America, we love romance, escapades... love.

Romantic Experiences in Buenos Aires

Almost any activity you do with your partner in Buenos Aires can be considered romantic: from walking down Corrientes Avenue (a recommendation from Fito Páez), to sitting down to have a snack in Café Notable. Now, if what you’re looking for is to have a truly unforgettable experience in the Argentine capital, here are the perfect options:

- Attend a tango show and enjoy art together: this is an excellent cultural activity of Buenos Aires. There are options for all tastes and budgets. All tango houses offer the possibility of including dinner in their service, and guarantee a quality show for the public.


- Renew your vows at a tango house: for couples that want to go beyond the average tango night, Daytours4u offers vow renewals next to the tango house Café de los Angelitos. During this magical night, lovers will renew their promises in a special room, and will have a host/hostess that will entertain the gathering, as well as a photographer who will capture this special day. The evening will culminate with a toast, and, if you wish, you may go to the tango show after.

Travel tip: to book our vow renewal service, contact our Customer Service team to find out all of the details surrounding the budget and logistics of the event.

- Dine in an exclusive sail boat on the Río de la Plata: this is the best option for lovers looking for an intimate and exclusive night. There is nothing more romantic to do in Buenos Aires! The service includes a delicious dinner and a wonderful crew consisting of a captain and a sailor. The Río de la Plata is the perfect setting to have a truly unforgettable night.

- Fly in a balloon around Buenos Aires: fly high into the Buenos Aires skies with the person you love the most, and enjoy the best views of the city. This is a hot air balloon ride from where you can see the Argentine pampas at 200 meters up in the air. If you are thinking about making a special proposal (you know what I mean!), then this is the perfect setting. Your beautiful trip will last 45 minutes, allowing you to see the sunrise, and with it, the beginning of the day.

Romantic 2 During the hot air balloon ride you will have a view of the Argentine pampa

Romantic Experiences in Carmelo

The beautiful city of Carmelo, located in Colonia Department of Uruguay, is one of the most romantic places in the Río de la Plata. The wine tastings are the most requested for excursions here, because their wineries are charming, and their wines are very high in quality. Each vineyard is unique, so it is worth discovering the distinctive characteristics of each one.

- Wine Tasting at Campotinto Winery: it is one of the youngest wineries in Carmelo, and you will surely hear excellent reviews about it in the city. Even among Argentines, who travel from Tigre (Buenos Aires) to Carmelo by boat, say Campotinto is not to be missed. Here, you will spend a beautiful afternoon with your partner tasting medio y medio and Tannat, accompanied by nuts and bites of cheese.


Romantic Taste the most exquisite wines of Carmelo / Photo: Bodega Campotinto


- Wine Tasting at El Legado Winery: this vineyard is one of the most recognized vineyards in the Carmelo Wine Route. Lovers will enjoy touring its extensive fields while discovering the process of making these local wines and then tasting three wines from region, accompanied by an exquisite table of cheeses and cold meats.

- Tasting at the Familia Irurtia Winery: from the start, the experience at this winery is very different from the other two, because in order to get to the vineyard, you have to make a short navigation through the Arroyo de las Vacas. During the tour, you will see the famous Playa Seré, as well as the Río de la Plata and the Paraná. When you reach the Familia Irurtia Winery, whose history in wine production started in 1913, you will tour the vineyard and the wine cellar to finally taste 3 glasses of premium wines, along with a selection of cheeses and homemade breads.

- Carmelo Vineyard Bicycle Tour with Picnic: this is an alternative but equally romantic option. The itinerary includes travelings through part of the Carmelo Wine Route by bike, and enjoying a delicious picnic in the middle of nature. Don’t forget your bottle of wine to celebrate a magical and unforgettable day together!

Travel tip: those that are in Buenos Aires and want to spend a different day on the other side of the river, can book another onetour, Day in Carmelo: Cacciola Wine Route, which includes a roundtrip ticket from Tigre to Carmelo, bus transfers from the port and all throughout the day in Carmelo, lunch, and guided visits to the following wineries: El Legado, Cordano, and Familia Irurtia wine tasting.

Romantic A romantic getaway from Buenos Aires. Book the day to Carmelo from Tigre!


Surprise your partner with the best gift of all: travel! Discover the magic of Buenos Aires, Carmelo, and the rest of South America with the travel experiences offered by Daytours4u. Create an itinerary that suits you, and fall in love with every corner of our continent.

By: Daytours4u Content Team