Energy, mysticism and good vibes are all synonymous with South America. This continent is full of harmonious places to begin the year with the best predisposition and in this article we offer a list of 6 energetic destinations in South America to get off to a good start in 2018. You don’t need to be religious or a hippie to perceive all the vitality that our countries transmit, although we warn you that there’s a lot of mystique (and the possibility of non-human life) that surround the places we will talk about. Open your mind!

1. The Atacama Desert in Chile

The Atacama desert occupies first place in some really curious natural aspects: it is the place where the least rain falls on the entire planet, the region with the clearest skies and the site that NASA chose to test its robots before sending them to Mars because of its similarities with the red planet. It is a region charged with intense energy, ideal for those who seek to take a truly introspective journey in the middle of nowhere.

However, many travelers with varied nationalities flock to the desert to explore Cerro Unita where you can see about 500 geoglyphs that, according to archaeologists, correspond to a cave drawing made by humans. Despite this version, there are some doubters who insist that the specific case of the "Giant of Atacama" measuring 86 meters, couldn’t have been a drawing made by humans and some say that aliens created it to be seen from up above. It is worth going to the place and deciding for yourself which version you believe.

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Atacama is ideal for those who seek to take a truly introspective journey / Photo by Daytours4u

2. Capilla del Monte in Argentina

This is the home of UFOs in Argentina. At least that's what its inhabitants say and the hundreds of tourists who claim to have seen one during their trip. It is located in the province of Córdoba and upon arrival to the town the figure of alien figure welcomes curious travelers.

The place is simply beautiful, full of spectacular mountains and crystal clear rivers that create a natural spa, perfect for recharging your batteries and starting the new year fresh. There is a huge quantity of quartz on the banks of the Calabalumba river, minerals that are known for balancing the energies of the human being. The blinding brightness produced by these gems is, according to skeptics, the explanation for the alleged UFOs that are sighted in the region.

Regardless, in this location there is a UFO Information Center that investigates the most emblematic historical cases of Capilla del Monte and each year they hold an International Congress of Ovnilogy that in 2018 will celebrate its twentieth meeting in the month of November. Those interested can now reserve their tickets.

Travel Tip: Take advantage of your visit to this place to take home some souvenirs such as quartz, books on how to harmonize the chakras and figurines of the green extraterrestrial at the entrance.

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Find your own UFO in Córdoba / Source

3. Tayrona Park in Colombia

All the beaches in the Colombian Caribbean are magical but Tayrona Park concentrates the most ancestral energy that surrounds this beautiful region of the continent. The four native groups of the area have fought hard to try to protect and conserve this area from the intervention of man and have been successful to the point of achieving the annual closure of the park for a month, with the aim of restoring the spiritual cleanliness of the place.

In addition to enjoying the sea, travelers go to Tayrona Park to take the Tour to Pueblito Chayrama, a mystical place that is accessed after a long walk of three hours and offers as its reward a dazzling landscape where the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta stands. This important archaeological zone is composed of terraces, cobbled streets and aqueducts of this ancient city built by the Tayrona people. The tour ends at the beautiful beaches of Cabo San Juan del Guía.

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Recharge your energies for 2018 in Tayrona Park / Photo by Daytours4u

4. Paraty in Brazil

The mystery that surrounds Paraty is not associated solely with its natural beauty, as with the rest of the destinations mentioned in this article. The mysticism of this city, located 250 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, comes from being urbanized by the freemasons. So in addition to taking a dip in Ensenada Trinidade, take advantage of your days in Paraty to discover the Masonic symbols.

In the eighteenth century the doors and windows of the houses were painted in white and blue, specifically with the blue of the hydrangeas. The first patron of Paraty was San Roque, an esoteric mystic saint. The streets have a crooked (oblique) layout, as the Masons usually organize them, and the locals say that the three carved stones that are observed in some corners form the Masonic triangle.

Do you still have doubts about the mystique of this place? Well, the columns of the streets of Paraty form a portico, to inform the visitor that a mason lives there and you can even learn the degree of the mason of each residence. Another interesting fact is that the floors of the houses are made to scale 1.33.33, because the number 3 is of great importance to this lodge. The City, obviously, has 33 blocks.

Travel Tip: discover each of these masonic tracks and take the opportunity to clear your mind in the beautiful city with the tours in Paraty.

Discover all the Masonic elements in Paraty / Photo by Daytours4u

5. Marcahuasi in Peru

Peru is a country full of mysticism. Machu Picchu is probably the best-known energetic place on an international scale. However, in the capital itself, Lima, lies Marcahuasi, a plateau of the Andes that rises to 4000 meters above sea level.

In Marcahuasi you can see giant rocks with human and animal profiles that attract the attention of many travelers. Added to this natural spectacle is the fact that it is considered a recognized world energy center, due to its volcanic origin that has fostered the generation of rocks with enormous amounts of quartz and in the depths of the plateau the subterranean waters that intensify the energy of the place.

Local experts believe that the place may have healing effects and lovers of astrology say that there is so much magnetism in the area that there’s likely a gateway to other dimensions. From these types of assertions, rumors constantly arise that both UFOs and spirits appear in Marcahuasi.

Travel tip: you can get to Marcahuasi by bus. From the center of Lima you will go to Paseo Colón and take the minibuses that go to Chosica. After two hours of travel to Chosica, you will take another bus to San Pedro de Casta, the town where you start the final stretch towards Marcahuasi. Travelers can go by foot or on horseback and donkeys can also rented to carry luggage. The trip lasts between 3 to 5 hours, depending on the speed.

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Marcahuasi is full of mysterious giant rocks with human and animal faces / Source

6. The Sierra de las Ánimas in Uruguay

The Sierra de las Ánimas is the only place of volcanic origin in Uruguay. It is located right at the point where the Cordillera de los Andes begins to rise between Argentina and Chile with a height of 6,962 meters. Due to the conformation of its soil that also has minerals such as quartz, the place is considered an ideal energy center for adventurers who enjoy hiking.

It’s a private place and that can only be accessed on Saturdays and Sundays. During the Tourism Week (Holy Week) and the week of Carnival the entrance is open every day. The most popular trails are the Cerro de las Ánimas and Cañadón de los Espejos, both of extraordinary beauty, full of small natural pools, with waterfalls and pure water, although very cold, where only the brave will enter.

Travel Tip: Find out all the information about the Walk to the Sierra de las Ánimas and live a refreshing experience in Uruguay.

The Sierra de las Ánimas is a must see for the more adventurous who love hiking / Source

The search for evidence of the energy centers on our planet and the possibility of non-human life in the universe do not stop. Even the Department of Defense of the United States recently recognized the existence of a secret program to investigate UFOs, whose budget exceeded 20 million dollars and just recently closed its doors in 2012.

But you do not need such a large budget to discover the mystique of this magical continent that preserves the strength of its original people with great care, so encourage yourself to renew your energy in South America and don’t be afraid to open your mind because you might just get lucky and you can hunt a UFO.

By: Keilma Rojas, Venezuelan journalist, Web Content Editor of Daytours4u