Halloween parties are part of the imagination of several generations of young people and adults in Latin America. Although in South America people have not grown up with the tradition of celebrating Halloween, the influence of movies and TV shows from other countries makes of celebrations like Halloween a fun activity for children and adults, so here we have listed the best Halloween parties in South America.

From there the customs have spread: it is common to find good Halloween parties throughout the continent. So if you are one of those travelers who hasn’t found a good party or any other Halloween craze (with more of a local spin), we invite you to read our list of recommended events across the region.


South America Halloween In Buenos Aires you can even find the race to fantasy! (photo: Travel, Run, Live)


The Argentine 'brothers' may be the South Americans with the most resistance to influences coming from the north. Argentina's anti-imperialist tradition dates back to long before the time of Peron or the birth of Che Guevara, and even since war times against Spain and England in the nineteenth century.

Even so, Buenos Aires is a city where you find absolutely anything and EVERYTHING! From a night marathon of bar hopping through the city to, although you may not believe it, a real night marathon. In the City of Fury, there’s never a lack of options.

Bar Marathon:
Sinful Halloween Costume Party
Palermo, Saturday, October 28, 2230h

Night Race:
Halloween Run 2017 – 5k
Vicente Lopez (North of Buenos Aires), Saturday, October 28, 20h


South America Halloween Sao Paulo has a Halloween party in an abandoned train station. (foto: Nos Trilhos)


Did you know that in Brazil October 31 is officially Saci Day? This tradition has developed in the country since a law was approved by Congress, that this date would be just as important to us or an equivalent to Halloween. In fact, every October, across the walls of several cities you can read graffiti that shows the people’s dissatisfaction with the celebration of Halloween, and other more allegorical ones that display more identity such as “Long live national Culture!” In any case, if we always enjoy a good celebration, we also have with us a great pride of our cultural identities.

It’s understandable that there are people who want to spontaneously enjoy Halloween as an excuse to party in the street in a carnival block- in Rio, of course. In São Paulo, things are going in a different direction: there are people working hard to build a real ghost train, with high-quality production in an abandoned railway station, with great style and lots of electronic music. Good for Paulista Avenue.

Choose the style that best suits you!

Blocoween - Halloween Psychedelic Courtship
Rio, Wednesday, November 1st, at night

Ghost Train - Halloween on the rails
São Paulo, Saturday, October 28, beginning at 22h


South America Halloween Halloween Hotel W is a classic in Santiago (photo: reproduction)


Within the last ten years, Halloween parties began to appear in Santiago. At first quietly, in the recent years, they have been offering a more interesting selection of various options. Halloween has been deemed as the opportunity for young people and Chilean adults to dress up, a custom that for them is something new.

Among the parties that have already become traditions, the Hotel W is the one that stands out, with many food and drink options and well-made themed decorations.

Circo Remix – Halloween Night
Santiago, Tuesday, October 31, 23h


South America Halloween Halloween in Bogotá is no joke (photo: Andrés Carne de Res)


The land of Cumbia is also, incredulous as it may seem, a South American mecca at Halloween parties. No one knows for sure if it has to do with its proximity to the United States, but the fact is that Colombians love the celebration of Halloween. One of the most traditional is the party at the restaurant Andres Carne de Res, a beautiful themed space in the outskirts of Bogota.Jaloguín 2017 – Brujus Tentirujus
Chía (outskirts of Bogotá), Saturday, October 28, beginning at 19h


South America Halloween In Punta, Halloween is even a VIP event (photo: reproduction)


The land of mate and Pepe Mujica doesn’t have very strong ties to this history of Halloween. Uruguayans prefer to eat a good asado, go to a soccer game, play games, or talk quietly around a wood stove. But in Punta del Este, there is always an Option B that gives you the possibility to do something outside the norm. On Halloween, the exclusive spa event is held for the chance to step foot on the red carpet at the Ocean Club nightclub party.

Halloween Festival by Ocean Club 2017
Punta del Este, Saturday, October 28, beginning at midnight (*)