Technology is an indisputable ally for travelers: sophisticated compasses, smart suitcases, acoustic sound reduction headphones, and even portable air conditioners that are the size of a shoe box - which are all just a few novelties from this century. In addition to these electronic objects, today we have the Internet, which has become the preferred (and even indispensable) travel companion for all, and every May 17, the users of this huge network appreciate its existence and seek out to democratize it more and more.

To celebrate Internet Day, Daytours4u has prepared a list with useful tips on how to take advantage of technology during the holidays, and by end, you will know where to connect to free WIFI networks in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Bogota and Cartagena.

Internet Buenos Aires has areas connected to the BA WIFI / Photo: Daytours4u

1) Download and Use Google Maps

It may seem like an obvious suggestion, but there are still people that haven’t downloaded it to their cell phones, and others who already have the application but do not use it. Google Maps is a very useful tool for those traveling to any part of the world because, in addition to being more eco-friendly than paper maps, it is a complete resource for accurately determining distances, schedules, and even traffic conditions in real time.

Two applications related to Google Maps that all travelers should have are also HereWeGo, for downloading maps and having them on your cell phone in case you run out of WIFI on the street, and CityMaps2Go, another application for downloading maps along with information on hotels, bars, train stations, and the opinions of other users about certain places.

2) Know the passwords of the airports where you will be

Airports usually have open networks that allow you to connect to the Internet free of charge, however, they have limited use times and weak privacy policies, so your personal data may be exposed. Therefore, you can find the passwords of other and safer networks in the airports of the world on this map:


3) Always carry adapters

As popular wisdom says: a cautious person is worth two, so do not forget to carry extra cables to charge your phone and tablet, as well as universal adapters that work with plugs from different countries. This will also be useful for hair dryers and other electronic devices we normally pack.

4) Check in online

Another benefit associated with technology and our society of immediacy is to check in online through the airline website that we purchase tickets from, and show our confirmations at the counter instead of printing them. Like digital maps, it is an eco-friendly option, allows you to streamline processes, and in most cases, lets you choose where you would like to sit on the plane.

Internet Check in online is ecofriendly and streamlines processes  / Photo: Daytours4u

5) Discover where to access the Internet for free in the main cities of South America

Metropolises such as Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Cartagena, Río de Janeiro and São Paulo have public places with free Internet access for locals and tourists. Here you can find the most important locations:

- Buenos Aires: Buenos Aires: BA WIFI is the connectivity network of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, and it reaches museums, plazas, health centers, parks and other public places. Locals and tourists can connect to this network in certain important locations in the city such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Usina Art Center, the Centennial Park, the Chacabuco Park, the Remembrance Park, the Vatican Square, next to the Colón Theater, and on several streets of downtown Buenos Aires such as Florida St., in San Telmo, and in the SUBTE (subway/metro). Here you can find more details about the connection points to BA WIFI network.

- Río de Janeiro: Río de Janeiro: unlike Buenos Aires, in Río de Janeiro there is no free WIFI network that is spread out across the city. The available options are to go to a bar, café or restaurant to connect. The digital magazine Culture Trip recommends cafés such as Sofía Café (in Copacabana), Livraria da Travessa (in Ipanema), Donninha (in Tijuca), Gringo Café (in Ipanema), among others.

- São Paulo: is a city with some of the best options to connect for free. The name of the network in public places is WiFi Livre SP, and you can find it in the São Paulo, Mário de Andrade, and Centro Cultural São Paulo libraries; or in some shopping centers such as Iguatemi São Paulo, Morumbi, Villa-Lobos, Anália Franco, Bourbon, Mooca, and Vila Olímpia.


Internet The São Paulo Cultural Center : you can connect to the WiFi Livre SP network / Source
- Bogotá: in the Colombian capital you can connect for free through the WIFI_BOGOTA network in the plazas of Bolívar, Las Nieves and Rosario, and in the Simón Bolívar, San Cristóbal and El Tunal parks. If you are in another area of Bogotá, and even in another city of Colombia, you can access free WIFI for People.

- Cartagena: this beautiful port city has free WIFI at the Castillo de San Felipe, the Espíritu del Manglar Park, the Plaza de la Aduana, the Chiquinquirá Justice House, the La María Synthetic Court and the Ciudad Bicentenario.

Enjoy your vacation and share the best postcards from your trip with the immediacy that the Internet provides. Also, if you plan to travel through South America, book your tours and activities quickly and safely online with Daytours4u, so that you can streamline your processes and have as many experiences as possible in this inexhaustible content.

By: Keilma Rojas, Venezuelan Journalist, Web Content Editor of Daytours4u