South America continues taking important steps to solidify the rights of the LGBT+ community and for this reason many countries in our continent are considered gay friendly by the rest of the world. Today, for Gay Pride Day, we’ve selected 8 of the best gay friendly tourism experiences in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and Chile, with the aim of highlighting the transcendental role of tourism in promoting tolerance and equality.

LGBT Many countries in South America are considered gay friendly by the rest of the world


After the violent riots that took place against the LGBT community on June 28, 1969, in the New York bar Stonewall Inn, this day is commemorated every year around the world with the Gay Pride March. In South America, these demonstrations are multitudinous and the organization of the combative community has accomplished, among other achievements, that 6 of the 12 countries in the continent recognize some type of same-sex unions, and that marriage between persons of the same sex is legal in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay, and adoption by homoparental families in these same countries.

Thus, the South American countries seek to consolidate as gay friendly tourist destinations and a significant proof of this is the award received in 2017 Colombia for promoting LGBT tourism. Discover all the diversity of our countries and travel with pride in South America.

Buenos Aires Gay Pub Crawl

Argentina is one of the most sought after destinations by the LGBT + community precisely because of the amount of gay friendly activities that can be found in almost every city in the country. In Buenos Aires, one of the most popular tours is the Gay Pub Crawl. Travelers visit the best bars and clubs in Palermo Soho, where much of the Buenos Aires nightlife is concentrated. Tourists seek out this activity because it’s a complete package: it includes drinks, snacks, tickets to the nightclubs without waiting in long lines and bilingual local guides who accompany them throughout the night.

LGBT In Buenos Aires, one of the most popular tours is the Gay Pub Crawl


Madero Tango Show in Buenos Aires

The artistic offer of Buenos Aires is another of the elements that make it so attractive to the LGBT + community and, in the case of Gardel's birthplace -although it’s not yet known if it was in Uruguay or France-, tango shows are the most requested by travelers. Madero Tango is an exceptional proposal to experience the best of Buenos Aires nightlife in one of the most innovative neighborhoods of the city: Puerto Madero. It’s also one of the few shows recommended by the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA), the leading global network of tourism companies that provide resources and information for travelers in the LGBTQ community in more from 75 countries. In addition to the dance performance, at Madero Tango you can enjoy a delicious dinner with the best view of the city.

LGBT Show recommended by the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association


Snow and Fire with Dinner in Ushuaia

Buenos Aires is not the only city that has a reputation for respecting the sexual diversity of all those who pass through. At the end of the world there are also exciting experiences for everyone and one of them is the activity known as Snow and Fire with dinner in Ushuaia. Take advantage of the austral winter to explore the frozen forests of this charming Argentine city and walk in the snow with the starry sky up above. In the refuge of the mountain, you’ll enjoy an exquisite dinner cooked in a magical atmosphere that’s like out of a movie. It’s a lovely excursion for solo travelers or couples!

LGBT Snow and Fire in Ushuaia: you’ll enjoy a dinner cooked in a magical atmosphere


Ginga Tropical Show in Río de Janeiro

In Brazil there are great contradictions in relation to gender equality and the rights conquered by the LGBT + community. Despite important achievements such as the legalization of same-sex marriage, the country recognizes that much remains to be done. However, the South American giant offers unmissable tourist options for all, and one of the infallible recommendations is the Ginga Tropical show in Rio de Janeiro. It’s a night full of music and color to exalt the best of Brazilian culture and its diversity.

LGBT One of the recommendations in Rio de Janeiro is the Ginga Tropical show / Source


Wine Tasting in Montevideo

The Uruguayan legislation of the last decade is one of the most advanced in Latin America and the world in terms of LGBT + rights. Not only with its laws, but from the cultural point of view, Uruguay is a prime example of respect for diversity, and that’s why it’s won the hearts of the international community that chooses it as a vacation destination. Recommendations for activities and excursions in Uruguay are endless, but if we had to suggest one at this time it would be the Wine Tasting in Montevideo. Tannat, olive oil and a cheese and cold cuts platter are the perfect combination for an unforgettable afternoon in the Uruguayan capital.

LGBT Tannat, olive oil, a cheese and cold cuts platter are the perfect combination 


Excursion to Viña and Valparaíso from Santiago de Chile

Chile is in style. Apart from being an ideal destination for adventure, it’s become very attractive country for tourists from all over the world. Its big cities have a solid infrastructure and a cultural formation of respect and tolerance from the tourist staff, so you can not miss visiting Valparaíso and Viña del Mar during your trip. They’re charming places, where the sea breeze gives you an unparalleled peace and its extensive vineyards transport you to the deepest part of the Chilean countryside. If you’re in Santiago de Chile and have little time to explore the surroundings, take advantage of this one-day tour, you won’t regret it!

LGBT Travel to Valparaíso and fall in love with its murals!


Andrés Carne de Res Night Tour Bogotá

Much has been said about Latin American machismo and there are probably those who tie Colombia to this negative image. However, the country has taken short but firm and significant steps to promote the image of the country as an LGBT destination. As in all the South American nations, the great capitals are the pioneers in carrying the flag of respect and tolerance; that is why Bogotá is a city that offers varied alternatives to have great experiences. One of them is to go out to dinner at Andrés Carne de Res, especially at the main restaurant located near Bogotá. Exquisite food, a festive and colorful atmosphere, and first class attention is what awaits you at Andrés Carne de Res.

LGBT A festive and colorful atmosphere is what awaits you at Andrés Carne de Res / Source


Tour to Holambra in São Paulo

São Paulo is one of the cities where the most multitudinous Gay Pride parades in the world take place. Unlike other large world cities, the Paulistas hold the grand parade every June 3 and this year, 2018, more than 3 million people participated. In this huge and diverse city there are plenty of experiences to live, one of the most charming is the walk to Holambra, known as the City of Flowers. It’s a day tour to escape from the concrete city to enjoy flower fields in the middle of a small town created by Dutchmen who still possesses the original architecture of its foundation.

Tour a Holambra Escape the concrete city and enjoy flower fields in Holambra


By: Keilma Rojas, web content editor at Daytours4u