The travel experiences South America offers its visitors are inexhaustible. This continent has an infinite catalog of tours and activities that range from outdoor adventures, city tours and native cultural shows, to walks to unique places that are carefully preserved by its inhabitants. In this article we have gathered the best-selling tours of 2017 according to the preferences of our travelers, who have been inspired by the charm and diversity that surrounds the continent.

PatagoniaWalking along the Patagonian trails is one of the favorite activities of tourists / Photo by Daytours4u

The best-selling tours in Argentina

Throughout its more than two and a half million kilometers, Argentina, like almost all countries in the region, has landscapes as varied as its cultural offer. Only Buenos Aires is one of the most important tourist gems in the country: 83% of foreigners that visit Argentina are destined for the Capital Federal. In the city, tango is the one that takes the grand prize of the best-selling tours for 2017.

- Señor Tango: It is one of the most famous shows in Buenos Aires, recognized for its choreographic performances that evoke the best Broadway shows. There are more than 40 artists on stage who transmit an intense passion of tango.

- Estancia Santa Susana Fiesta Gaucha: In the outskirts of Buenos Aires, travelers will enjoy an entertaining dance show, as well as a demonstration of gaucho skills on horseback. The tour includes barbecue (asado) and wine.

- Tigre Full Day Tour: Outside of the cultural shows, the most sold tour in Buenos Aires was the Tigre Full Day Tour. It is a beautiful outing through the landscapes around the city, the Paraná River and the Delta Islands.

Tour recommended by Daytours4u: One Day in Colonia, although it is not technically in Buenos Aires, it does allow you to leave the Argentine capital and is a great opportunity to connect with the Rio de la Plata culture on the other side of the river.

TangoWatching a tango show in Buenos Aires is the must-see tour in the Argentine capital / Photo by Daytours4u

After Buenos Aires, Patagonia Argentina is the favorite of travelers and the most adventurous will find unforgettable natural wonders in the north. These were their favorite excursions:

- Perito Moreno Glacier Tour: It is a full day tour for the Los Glaciares National Park that passes through channels, fjords and bays from where incredible views of icebergs and Patagonian landscapes can be admired.

- Torres del Paine Full Day Tour: It goes from El Calafate to the Argentine border to visit Patagonia in Chile. Visit Sarmiento and Nordenskjold lakes until you reach the dazzling Mirador (lookout) de los Cuernos del Paine.

- Iguazu Falls Argentinian Side: a trip to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the imposing Iguazu Falls National Park in Argentina. The tour leads to the famous Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat).

Tour recommended by Daytours4u: it is difficult to choose because Córdoba and Mendoza offer excellent tourist options. Despite this, Salta is the destination that brings together in one place activities for all types of travelers: families, couples and solo adventurers; that's why we recommend the Going Around the Heights (Salt Flats), a full day tour with visits to Salinas Grandes, Quebrada del Toro, Cerro de los Siete Colores and more.

IguazuRecharge all your energies in the Iguazu Falls / Photo by Daytours4u

The best-selling tours in Brazil

Our travelers who were in Río de Janeiro and São Paulo in 2017 were fascinated by all the options offered by these cities at any time of the day and at any time of the year. Beach, mountain, walks through the city, gastronomy and adventure are only a small part of the Brazilian offer.

In Rio de Janeiro, the top 3 of the tours preferred by our clients were, as expected, related to the spectacular beaches around the city:

- Angra Dos Reis & Ilha Grande Day Tour: Includes a day on the tropical island of Ilha Grande, on the coast of Angra Dos Reis. It is the perfect occasion to leave the bustling city and enjoy a totally relaxed beach day.

- Boat Tour to Arraial do Cabo: ideal for those who seek to visit the surroundings of Rio de Janeiro. In this tour you will visit Isla do Farol, the Blue Grotto, Playa do Forno and other tropical places.

- Rio Express Day Tour: a very complete excursion that includes a visit to the most emblematic places of interest in Rio in just 7 hours: Sugarloaf, Christ the Redeemer, the Sambadrome, the Metropolitan Cathedral, among other attractions in the city.

Tour recommended by Daytours4u: We love the Authentic Feijoada Experience, because we know that gastronomy is a key element to discover the essence of each place visited. In addition to the delicious dishes tasted, the popular Minas Gerais coffee completes this truly authentic experience.

The visit to Christ the Redeemer is one of the best-selling tours / Photo by Daytours4u

In São Paulo, on the other hand, the most sold tours in 2017 were:

- Tour to Santos & Guarujá: A refreshing excursion to the beaches of the Costa Verde (Green Coast): Asturias, Ensenada, Pernambuca and Pitangueiras. The tour also includes a tour of the busiest port in Latin America and the Coffee Museum.

- Layover Tour São Paulo: Due to the importance of the Guarulhos Airport for the connections of the main airlines of South America and the world, this tour is one of the most sold in São Paulo, because in 6 or 8 hours (depending on the waiting time the passengers) will tour Ibirapuera Park, Paulista Avenue, Metropolitan Cathedral and a dozen tourist sites in the city.

- Architecture Tour: São Paulo is the capital of events in South America and, because of that, this tour is the favorite of those who travel to the city to participate in conventions or congress meetings for professionals. The city has a modernist and eclectic design, combining sleek and bright skyscrapers with the classical architecture imposed by the Portuguese Empire.

Tour recommended by Daytours4u: the Hot Air Balloon Ride is one of the most fun activities to do in São Paulo. If your dream as a child was to ride on one of these giant balloons, this is one of the safest and most beautiful places to do it.

Spend the day in Santos and Guarujá is an excellent tourist plan in São Paulo

The best-selling tours in Chile

After establishing itself as the world leader in adventure tourism in 2016, Chile has become an increasingly attractive destination for those traveling to South America. Despite offering multiple options for trekking, rafting, surfing or horseback riding, our travelers decided in 2017 for more thematic and relaxed excursions. Here we show you the 3 best-selling tours in Chile:

- Magdalena Island Penguin Tour: Chilean Patagonia, as well as Argentina, occupies the first place in the itinerary of our travelers. This excursion in Magdalena Island departs from Punta Arenas to sail through the historic Strait of Magellan until reaching the natural monument, where 150,000 penguins walk freely from November to March.

- Concha y Toro Winery Tour: the second place is held by wine tours in Santiago, especially this one to Viña Concha and Toro, which is one of the most emblematic of the city. It was founded in 1883 and its wine -mainly those from the Casillero del Diablo winery- are distributed in 147 countries.

- Tour to Valparaíso and Viña del Mar: departing from Santiago, this excursion allows travelers to visit the main cities of the Chilean Central Coast in one day. Among the sites of interest that are visited is the Quinta Vergara in Viña and La Sebastiana, one of the houses of Pablo Neruda, in Valparaíso.

Tour recommended by Daytours4u: Valparaiso is a charming city and the Tour to Isla Negra with Wine Tasting is a tour that departs from Santiago and crosses three emblematic places in Valpo: the Pablo Neruda House in Isla Negra, the beaches of Algarrobo and the Valle de White House. An unmissable excursion!

Knowing the best of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar is possible with the full day from Santiago / Source: Tourism Chile

The best-selling tours in Uruguay

Uruguay is the second smallest country on the surface of South America - after Suriname - but this is not directly proportional to its tourist offer. On the contrary, so far in 2017, the country has received almost 3 million tourists, that is, 21% more than what it received in 2016 and it is expected that next year this figure will increase. In the midst of this continuous growth, these were the three most-sold tours in Uruguay according to the preference of our customers:

- Punta del Este Tour from Montevideo: the biggest tourist attraction in Uruguay is Punta del Este, that's why this trip is first in the top 3, ideal for those who will spend most of their vacations in Santiago. You will visit in one day the beaches Mansa, Brava, Atlántida, Piriápolis, the downtown, the Maldonado bar and more.

- Sunset at Casapueblo - Boat Cruise: It was the hit of 2017 in Punta. The mythical "Casa Pueblo", workshop and home of the renowned Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró, is a reference of the city, but appreciating it through a boat navigation as the sun sets is the most romantic experience of all.

- Colonia Tour from Montevideo: Colonia is the place of excellence for romantic getaways. Lovers from Buenos Aires come to this city and also those from Montevideo with the intention of spending a relaxing day walking through the beautiful cobblestone streets of the Old City, and touring the Port Zone, the Rambla and the old pier.

Tour recommended by Daytours4u: the Primuseum Restaurant Dinner Show is not just any dinner. In addition to the delicious food and interactive tango show where attendees can ask the tangos dancers what they want to hear, the place itself is a unique tourist attraction: it is a mansion in the old city of Montevideo created in 1870 that houses more than 3000 antiques, including about 300 primus, which are the first patented brand of kerosene stoves, from Sweden, that were used in homes to cook, heat and work.

The beaches of Punta del Este are the favorite of most tourists who visit Uruguay / Photo by Daytours4u

The best-selling tours in Colombia

Colombia was voted the destination "revelation of the year" according to our travelers. The economic growth of the country has also been reflected in tourism and it’s a nation that offers its visitors the possibility of vacationing at any time of the year, whether to enjoy its beaches, visit the Coffee Region or submerge yourself in the Amazon. The most sold tours in Colombia this 2017 were:

- Tayrona National Park Tours: all the options we offer to enjoy Tayrona were preferred by our clients in Colombia. The charm of the little town Chayrama, as well as the Cañaveral, Arrecifes, Neguanje and Cristal beaches captivated tourists, who took the opportunity to also visit Bahía Concha, a magical place to relax for hours.

- Day Trip to Guatapé and El Peñol: the second place goes to Medellín and the city of Guatapé, where visitors push themselves to climb the steep 7,000-foot ladders to reach the top of the Guatapé monolith. The panoramic view is spectacular!

- Bogota Layover Tour: after the infrastructure reforms that were carried out at the El Dorado Airport, the number of airlines arriving in Bogota has increased and this is one of the reasons why this tour was so popular in 2017. Passengers can choose from tours that last 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 hours and it is also ideal for those who will spend little time in the Colombian capital, since their vacations will be centered in Cartagena, San Andrés or the Coffee Region.

Tour recommended by Daytours4u: Hot Air Balloon Ride Over the Coffee Triangle is a fantastic 45-minute experience where you can look over more than 340,000 hectares of the beautiful Coffee Cultural Landscape, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011.

Enjoy the Coffee Cultural Landscape from the height with the balloon flight / Photo by Daytours4u

Without a doubt, 2017 has been a year of great experiences and this is just a tiny taste of what South America has to offer the world. Get ready for everything new that 2018 will bring and book the excursions that you would love to partake in during your holidays with Daytours4u.

*The data used in this article was given by the Daytours4u Sales team, who perform a thorough analysis of the reservations made by travelers to our websites. Also, their expertise about each destination was fundamental to the selection of recommended tours.

Por: Keilma Rojas, Venezuelan journalist, Web Content Editor of Daytours4u