The cuisine of Buenos Aires - and of Argentina in general - is recognised and praised throughout South America. All the good things you have heard about the Argentinian meat is true and there is no word to explain what enjoying a good asado with a cup of the world’s best Malbec in Buenos Aires feels like. However, the flavoured cuisine of Buenos Aires isn’t limited to meat, you will also find delicious pizzas and hamburgers and even discover Armenian exotic flavours that will make you want to come back to the Argentinian capital just to enjoy one more meal. Since the gastronomic offer in this city is pretty wide - 10.732 restaurants - we offer you a recommendation of 7 restaurants to help you choose where to eat in Buenos Aires.

1. Where to eat meat in Buenos Aires: La Cabrera

Where to eat in Buenos Aires The bife de chorizo of La Cabrera never disappoints those wondering where to eat in Buenos Aires / Picture: by La Cabrera

La Cabrera is one of most famous and visited parrillas of the city. It has ranked first in the 50 Latin America’s Best Restaurants of Restaurant Magazine for three years straight (2013, 2014 and 2015). This establishment is an unforgettable experience for tourists as well as a reference for locals. All those prices were won thanks to their meat as well as the warm environment of the restaurant and the service of the professionals.

Among the most popular starters, you will find the Provoleta with raw ham and dried tomatoes and the empanadas de carne (sort of meat pie).

As the main course, you cannot eat anything else than the bife de chorizo (a beef-steak) even though the ojo de bife (rounder chunk) and entraña (skirt steak) are excellent options as well. If you think vegetarians will be left out since this is basically a barbeque, you must know that the creator of this place, Gastón Riveira, has widened its menu to meatless plates.

Their ravioli are worth a try as well as the grilled eggs with sweet pepper.

Address: La Cabrera Norte, Cabrera 5127, Palermo; La Cabrera Sur, Cabrera 5099, Palermo.
Horary: Monday to Sunday from noon to 4:30 pm and 8:30 pm to 1 am.
Price: $$$$ (more than ARS$600 per person).

Travelling tip: Just like La Cabrera, Don Julio (Guatemala 4691) is a recognised restaurant, perfect for tasting the best Argentinian meat; tourists usually love this establishment. Precisely because the place is so famous, you must always stand up in line if you wish to enter the restaurant. This will not happen in the Club El Don Steak House (Angel Justiniano Carranza 1859). This is another great parrilla of Palermo where you will taste cuts of meat in an authentic atmosphere - and you won’t have to wait in line.

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2. Where to eat pizzas in Buenos Aires: Los Inmortales

Where to eat in Buenos Aires / Bsas4u If you are looking where to eat in Buenos Aires and want to eat pizzas, Los Inmortales is just the place to go / Picture: Los Inmortales

This is one of the most emblematic pizzerias of the city. Since the inauguration of their first establishment in Corrientes in 1952, Los Inmortales has been a reference for the people of Buenos Aires and a highly recommended destination for tourists since you can find it only a few blocks away from the Obelisco. The history of this pizzeria begins in Naples, where Doña Rosa lived in Italy before migrating to Argentina with her husband and four sons. Doña Rosa had a special gift for the culinary arts and along with her son-in-law, Felipe Fiorellino, they created this relic of Buenos Aires during a decade marked by a new talented generation of artists and writers.

Los Inmortales is an iconic restaurant in which you will see photos of characteristic personalities of Buenos Aires, such as Carlos Gardel and you will also be able to enjoy exquisite pizzas as the provolone, one of the classics of this place.

Address: Corrientes 1369, San Nicolás. You can find their other establishments in Lavalle 746, Paraná 1209, Mendoza 2330 and in Bahía Grande.
Horary: Monday to Sunday from noon to midnight.
Price: $$ (between ARS$200 and ARS$400 per person).

3. Where to eat hamburgers in Buenos Aires: The Burger Joint

Where to eat in Buenos Aires / Bsas4u One of the best quality of Burger Joint is its price-quality relationship / Picture: Burger Joint

Four years ago, the Burger Joint became one of the most visited places of Plaza Serrano. This establishment offers an excellent price-quality relationship and if you wish to spend a casual night out with your friends or partner in Buenos Aires, this place is perfect. The hamburgers are simply delicious: homemade bread, well-cooked meat and high-quality ingredients. The favourite is the Bleu: blue cheese burger with rocket salad, onion and caramelised tomatoes with mushrooms. Two other demanded options are the American (with bacon) and the Cabra (with goat cheese) - or the veggie for vegetarians.

There is no table service, you have to go to the bar and order you food - you can also order a soda or a beer. There is a courtyard with a few more tables outside on the sidewalk. If you go during lunchtime, the place probably won’t be too crowded but if you go at night it will be full so you should go early.

Address: Borges 1766, Palermo.
Horary: Monday to Sunday, from noon to midnight.
Price: $$ (between ARS$200 and ARS$400 per person).

4. Where to eat ethnic cuisine in Buenos Aires: Sarkis

Where to eat in Buenos Aires / Bsas4u Sarkis is the place to go if you want to eat Arabian and Armenian food in Buenos Aires / Instagram: @ourbestmenu

Sarkis is one of the favourite places of the people of Buenos Aires thanks to their exquisite Arabian and Armenian cuisine, history and perfect service. At dinner time, the place is never empty. There always are people waiting outside and nobody seems to mind. Everybody knows that once they are inside, the wait will have been worth it since you eat as gods in this restaurant: the food is good, abundant and comes at a good price. This formula has been working since 1982 when Sarkis Kabatían inaugurated the place.

In Sarkis, for most plates, you can order complete portions or half portions. That way, if you go with your boy/girlfriend, you will be able to taste a little of everything and go home happy. Among other things, the menu offers falafel, hummus, tabouleh, kibbeh, meat brochettes, shish-kebab, cabbage roll, kafta and couscous with lentils.

Address: Thames 1101, Villa Crespo
Horary: Monday to Sunday, from noon to 3 pm and from 8 pm to midnight.
Price: $$ (between ARS$200 and ARS$400 per person)

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5. Where to eat popular Argentine food: Perón Perón

Where to eat in Buenos Aires / Bsas4u After the food, Evita and Juan Domingo son the main characters of Perón Perón / Picture: Peron Peron

If you don’t know much about Argentinian politics, this restaurant will make you discover a famous personality of the recent history of the country: Juan Domingo Perón, elected president of Argentina in 1946, 1951 and 1973. The place is decorated with posters and pictures related to peronism and in the centre, there is an altar to Eva Duarte de Perón, another emblematic personality of the country. You will hear the Marcha Peronista every now and then and some of the guests next to you will be singing it euphorically, waving one arm in the air as if it were a football match.

Apart from this original specificity, what really stands out in Perón Perón is the food: the menu is a tribute to Argentinian popular food. As a starter dish empanadas de ossobuco (a classical meat pie of Argentina) or pastel de papas con chorizo colorado (potato cake with chorizo). As far as main courses are concerned you can choose between the locro (a pumpkin, bean, corn and potato stew), the incredible lentils stew, grilled bondiola (braised pork shoulder) or the very special pacú (freshwater fish), one of the chef’s favourite.

Taste them with a Domingo Hermanos wine and for dessert don’t forget the classic dulce de leche pancake.

Address: Angel Carranza 2225, Palermo.
Horary: Monday to Saturday, from 7 pm to 2 am.
Phone: 011 4777-6194. Call in advance to book a table, since the establishment is always full.
Price: $$$ (between ARS$400 and ARS$600 per person).

6.Where to eat autochthonous meat in Buenos Aires: El Baqueano

Where to eat in Buenos Aires / Bsas4u To enjoy autochthonous plates in Buenos Aires, there is only one place to go: El Baqueano / Picture: El Baqueano

Located in the heart of San Telmo, El Baqueano is a restaurant characterised by the signature cuisine it offers and was among 50 Latin America’s Best Restaurants in 2013 and 2014. Chef Fernando Rivarola has designed a menu of 5 or 7 dishes (you can choose) that changes every week - and you will taste more than just beef. You will discover vizcacha meat (big Peruvian hare), yacaré (caiman), ñandú (rhea), Patagonian lamb, llama, pheasant, rabbit, hare or boar, as well as delicious fruits of the sea.

As far as side dishes are concerned, the papines andinos (Andean potatoes), salads, mushrooms and edible flowers stand out. They also offer a great variety of wines from the different viticultural regions of Argentina (Mendoza, Salta, San Juan etc) as well as delicious options for dessert such as the impressive chocolate and dulce de leche cake.

Address: Chile 499, San Telmo.
Winter horary: Tuesday to Saturday, from 7 pm to 11 pm.
Summer horary: Tuesday to Saturday, from 8 pm to midnight.
Price: $$$ (between ARS$400 and ARS$600 per person).

7. Where to eat sandwiches and fast food in Buenos Aires: Lo de Carlitos

Where to eat in Buenos Aires / Bsas4u If you want to enjoy a burger or other fast food in Buenos Aires, you should go to Lo de Carlitos / Picture: Lo de Carlitos

This famous Argentinian restaurant was actually inaugurated in Villa Gesell (Atlantic Coast) but its success drove it to Buenos Aires, Bariloche and even Miami. Carlos Ciuffardi, son of Italian immigrants, created it and his sons are nowadays managing the business. The establishment became famous for its sweet and salty pancakes named after famous characters (nationally or internationally known) or after people that meant something special to Ciuffardi such as the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, Maradona or Che Guevara.

However, the most delicious things you will taste in Lo de Carlitos are the loin, egg and bacon sandwich, the bacon and egg hamburger and the veggie burger. Another interesting thing about this place is that you can go with your entire family since they have a special place designed for children to have fun for hours, as well as a children's menu for the little ones.

Address: Palermo, Charcas 3702. They have 6 other restaurants in the city, in Buenos Aires province, the Atlantic Coast, Bariloche and Miai.
Horary: Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 1 am.
Price: $$$ (between ARS$400 and ARS$600 per person).

Indulge yourself with the excellent cuisine of Buenos Aires and let every plate take you through the essence and history of this beautiful South American city. If you are looking where to eat in Buenos Aires, those 7 restaurants will make tourists live the finest culinary experience and keep making the locals proud.

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By: Keilma Rojas, Venezuelan journalist specialised in culture and actuality. Writer in Spanish for Daytours4u.
Translated to English by Grégory Noël