Every June 5, World Environment Day is celebrated. This decision created by the United Nations seeks to create awareness about the protection of the environment that surrounds us, in order to conserve it for future generations. The responsibility that we have for helping our planet must accompany us at all times, especially when we are on vacation and visit the dazzling natural attractions that each landscape offers to us.

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Actively contribute to the preservation of the environment with these useful tips on how to be responsible travelers:

1. When you arrive at your holiday destination, locate the recycling bins. If there are none, make a separation of organic and inorganic material in different bags and then throw them into the corresponding containers when you find them. The most important part is that you never leave your waste.

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2. If you can be more precise when recycling, separate the waste in different bags as follows: plastics (then throw them in the yellow container), paper and cardboard (in the blue container), glass (in the green container), organic waste (in the brown container), and inorganic waste (in the gray or dark green container).

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3. Minimize the amount of waste generated. One concrete way to do this is to reuse plastic bags as much as possible.

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4. Responsibility for consumption is also fundamental. Strive to know the origin and composition of the products you are going to buy, and prioritize those that are respectful towards the environment.

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5. Be extremely careful when you decide to camp in a protected area. If you are going to light a fire, do it only in the places designated for this, respect the indications and rules of the area, carefully read the signs of the national parks, and always walk on the marked trails if they exist.

Environment Always walk on the marked trails in national parks / Photo: Daytours4u



6. Use public transport, bicycles or even opt for walks to move around the places near your destination.

Environment To the extent of your possibilities, try to travel by bicycle / Photo: Daytours4u



7. Prioritize eco-friendly tourist activities in each destination that you visit. In this article, you can find the must-see ecological tours to do in South America.

Environment Select ecological tours like this trek through the Patagonian glaciers / Photo: Daytours4u


8. Do not waste natural resources. Be careful with the consumption of water and electricity.

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9. If you practice diving, do not touch the corals or stand on them. Also do not extract animals from their natural habitat or feed them, as you can seriously damage their health.

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Traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences in life and doing it responsibly is everyone's task that will allow us to continue enjoying the wonders that surround us. Become a spokesperson for good conservation practices and join more environmentally friendly travelers!

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