Puerto Madryn is a very special destination in Argentina. As the gateway to Península Valdés, visitors here can enjoy stunning landscapes and observe whales, penguins, porpoises, and sea lions in their natural habitat. It is a place where you can interact directly with the animals, learn about their surroundings, and practice an approach to tourism that prioritises environmental protection and preservation above all else.

Whatever you desire from your trip to eastern Patagonia, a dive with sea lions promises to be a truly magical and unforgettable experience. On offer throughout the year in Puerto Madryn, our Snorkeling with Sea Lions adventure affords you the opportunity to swim and play with these lively, friendly, and cheekily charming marine animals.

Snorkeling with Sea Lions Tips

• On the day you go snorkeling, take on board a hearty breakfast packed with protein and carbs, for you will be sure to spend a great deal of energy in the water.

• If you are prone to seasickness, we recommend taking some anti-nausea medication beforehand.

• All snorkeling equipment is included and you will be accompanied by two expert guides (one will stay on the boat and the other will be in the water with you at all times).

• Please be patient when waiting for the animals to approach and remember that you are in their natural environment. Respect their habitat and follow the guides instructions.

• Sea lions are docile animals and present no danger. This activity is also suitable for children.

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You can book this Snorkeling with Sea Lions tour here.

By Luiza Cavalcante / Translated by Simon Hall / Video Olimpio Brunetto