Salta has become a prime wine-tasting destination thanks to its high altitude wines and wineries. The ‘wines of altitude’ refer to those that are produced in the town of Cafayate, which is located in the Salta province and has an altitude of more than 1,800 metres. It is the pureness of the air and water at this height that gives these wines a unique flavour and fragrance, making them highly popular amongst visitors of the region. We have picked our top four high altitude wineries in and around this town, based on their location, atmosphere and quality of their wines. 

Finca Las Nubes 

Finca Las Nubes (farm of the clouds) is a small family-run vineyard located in the mountains with a view over the whole of Cafayate. It is owned by José Luis Mounier, who is known in the area as the “Maestro of Torrontés”, for this particular winery’s specialty is the production of the delicious white wine, Torrontés. Not only is the scenery absolutely spectacular, but all the wines are farmed manually and without machines, herbicides or inorganic fertilizers; focus really is on quality here.

Finca Las Nubes is famous for its Torrontés Finca Las Nubes is famous for its Torrontés / source

Bodega Tukma 

This boutique winery takes its name from the first inhabitants of the area in which it’s located, who referred to the land as ‘Tukmanao’. Even though it has grown immensely over the years, its founding partners Fernando Maurette and Raul Noceto still believe in producing small amounts of high-quality wine. Nowadays Bodega Tukma is a part Argentine, part Brazilian company that caters to both national and international markets.

Bodega Tukma produce small amounts of high-quality wine Bodega Tukma produce small amounts of high-quality wine / source

Bodega Nanni 

Bodega Nanni is the most central of Cafayate’s wineries and also one of the smallest. It is best known for its organic wines, which supposedly don’t cause hangovers, and are both simple and very drinkable. For Nanni, which is run by descendants of the family who set up the winery in the 19th century, success is not only a result of the high altitude, but of the people who work the land, who are both experienced and dedicated. You can carry out a tour here with a multilingual guide, which will begin in the winery’s delightful courtyard and end with a tasting session, passing through the barrels in between.

Bodega Nanni is best known for its organic wines Bodega Nanni is best known for its organic wines / source

Vasija Secreta 

Situated right at the entrance of Cafayate, Vasija Secreta is Cafayate’s oldest winery, which dates back to the last midcentury and has been producing delicious wines ever since. A visit to this winery will expose you to its wonderful old machines, which date back to the start of the Industrial Revolution and are now displayed in a museum within the building. You will also be taught about the history, manufacturing and flavour of the wines, as well as being able to sample them of course.

Vasija Secreta is Cafayate’s oldest winery Vasija Secreta is Cafayate’s oldest winery / source

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By: Milly Day - English Content Manager For: Argentina4u