When planning your trip to Patagonia, don't forget to add a Peninsula Valdes Tour and Whale Watching trip to your travel itinerary. Within Peninsula Valdes, situated 100 km from the city of Puerto Madryn, is Puerto Pirámides. This is the launching point for whale watching boat rides to see this giant and gentle ocean creatures. This region attracts large numbers of Southern Right Whales which you can observe close to the boat, jumping and waving their tails - an exciting and special experience.

To see more of the Patagonian fauna, head to Punta Delgada, a point in the peninsula with a great view of the sea, as well as a delicious restaurant where you can enjoy succulent lamb or seafood - two specialities of the region. From here, you can visit a colony of elephant seals on the beach. Remember that Puerto Madryn is the only place where you can see elephant seals on the continent, rather than on an island.

The most exciting part of visiting Puerto Madryn is the strong environmental awareness of the guides and locals. Taking a Peninsula Valdes and Whale Watching Tour is a unique experience that changes the way we think about the species and their preservation, in a thought-provoking, interesting and enjoyable way.

Recommendations for the Whale Watching:

  • If you're sensitive to the movement of the boat, it's a good idea to take motion-sickness or anti-nausea medication.
  • Note that the whale watching tour usually departs in a semi-rigid boat, unless weather conditions call for a larger boat.
  • Understand that you are in the natural habitat of the whales while waiting for them to approach. Keep silent to respect their environment. Whales will not approach a noisy boat.
  • Dress warmly. A hat, gloves and winter coat are a good idea. The wind is consistent, cold and very dry.
  • The whale watching boat ride is an optional add-on to the Peninsula Valdes tour. It really is a must-do activity in Puerto Madryn, and we highly recommend choosing this option.
  • This activity is highly recommended for children.
  • Enjoy the moment. The desire to record every moment with your camera is strong, but try not to be distracted looking for the perfect shot. Take a minute to just appreciate the experience and this great spectacle of nature.


The semi-rigid boat used for whale watching in Puerto Madryn The whale watching tour usually uses semi-rigid boats like this one / Source

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By: Luiza Cavalcante / Video by Olimpio Brunetto