There are many reasons to visit Puerto Madryn – whale watching, walking with penguins, snorkeling with sea lions, dinosaur skeletons, a unique Welsh heritage, and the vast Patagonian landscapes. If you enjoy immersing yourself in nature, here is a list of things to do in Puerto Madryn and places to visit to arrange your travel itinerary.

We've put together an infographic to help you plan your travels to this part of Patagonia. Our guide to the things to do in Puerto Madryn will show you where to go to see different animals and what activities are available. Check it out and start putting together your perfect vacation in Argentina!

Things to do in Puerto Madryn - Infographic

Things to do in Puerto Madryn - Infographic

From whale watching tours, and exploring Peninsula Valdes, to snorkelling with sea lions and tucking into a traditional Welsh tea ceremony in one of Chubut's Welsh towns, Puerto Madryn has a lot of things to do for nature lover travellers.

Whether you're arriving by cruise ship, by land or by air, Argentina4u has the perfect tours and activities in Puerto Madryn for you. If you need help putting together your itinerary, please contact us. We're happy to answer any questions you have about this exciting destination.

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