Buenos Aires celebrates New Year's Eve in it's own special way. On New Year's Eve in Buenos Aires, you will not come across lavish fireworks displays as you would in many countries, but the city celebrates the start of the New Year in its unique way, incorporating its rich tango heritage into the celebrations.

In Buenos Aires there are thousands of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Many of these places make the effort to prepare something a bit different for New Year's Eve, but nothing compares to the shows put on by the tango houses. Without a doubt the best way to spend Christmas or New Year in Buenos Aires is reserving a tango show with dinner at one of these exclusive tango houses.

If you need more convincing, here are our 3 reasons why you should book a new year's eve tango show in Buenos Aires:

 1) A unique Buenos Aires experience

The first reason to book a New Year's Eve tango show is because it's something a little different, something you wouldn't be able to experience back home. Booking a New Year's Eve Tango Show is an experience unique to Buenos Aires! This is your opportunity to leave old customs behind and adopt new traditions on New Year's Eve in Buenos Aires.

At the start of the New Year in Buenos Aires, many travellers take advantage of the holiday season to escape the heat and routine of city life by fleeing the capital, meaning the city is not nearly as crowded as it is during the rest of the year. The whole idea of visiting another country is to do something different and learn a little about other cultures, and for that reason, there's nothing better than spending this special evening at one of the top tango houses and enjoying an amazing tango show.

2) The Best Tango Houses in Argentina

Buenos Aires is home to the best tango houses, with the top tango shows, making your new year's tango experience even more special. Speaking of amazing tango shows, we have compiled a list of three of the best tango houses to watch a New Year's Eve tango show below:

Madero Tango:

The reason for visiting Madero Tango is obvious: who doesn't want to start the year with a high-class show in the heart of Puerto Madero, with a beautiful view of the river and fireworks over the city?!

Esquina Carlos Gardel:

Esquina Carlos Gardel is a classic tango show held in one of the most traditional houses of Buenos Aires, and is therefore perfect for those who want to delve into the culture of tango or for those who are already in love with it but want to witness it alongside a new year's eve extravaganza.

Señor Tango:

Señor Tango offers not only a spectacular New Year's Eve tango show, but a whole night of fun which lasts until the early hours of the morning. A true extravaganza, including an Argentine feast, fireworks, open bar and a DJ.

3) The all-in-one experience

The convenience of having a tango show, three-course dinner and New Year's party all in one with transport included is another reason to attend a New Year's Eve tango show. On this particular night in Buenos Aires, public transport is almost non-existent and restaurants usually close early, so benefit from the added advantages of  a New Year's Eve tango show to save yourself a lot of trouble.

So if you're planning to spend New Year's Eve in Buenos Aires, a New Year's Eve Tango show is the best way to welcome the new year. Have fun, eat well and experience a memorable night out in Buenos Aires without any hassles!

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By Anna Flavia de Castro | Translated by Camilla Day