If you’re looking for a Tango House that evokes a bit of glamour from the golden days, in both its venue and performance, look no further than Tango Porteño. Housed in the old Metro Goldwyn Mayer movie theatre, this renovated art deco venue is conveniently located in the heart of the city, a stone’s throw from the Obelisk and right next to Teatro Colón.

Tango Porteño's Art Deco Theatre

This converted theatre is a city treasure, not just for its nostalgic reminder of the glory days of cinema, but for its architecture as well. Buenos Aires is not just home to the classic Belle Époque architecture, but the cityscape has also been heavily influenced by the Art Deco style, which really took off in the 30's and 40's. While the outside of the old MGM theatre is a your typical old-school cinema experience, with the massive sign announcing the night's performance framed by light bulbs, the inside of the theatre is decidedly art deco. The details are impeccably consistent, from the plush carpets contrasted against the gleaming wooden details, the rich colour scheme, and geometric shapes and patterns adorning the light fixtures and stage.

The vintage theatre was lovingly restored by the current owners in order to revive this particular period in Buenos Aires's history. Not only does the theatre itself evoke the booming 40s, but the entire experience at Tango Porteño is a trip back to the glory days of the roaring 40s, and the heyday of Buenos Aires’s tango scene, where the dance’s popularity was at its peak before it was forced underground in the 50’s under the military government.

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Star Attraction: Nacha Guevara

Tango Porteño's current program is a tribute to this glorious history. Titled Glorias Argentinas, the tango extravaganza is a celebration of some of Argentina’s most famous women.

If the classic theatre and Tango Porteño's reputation for excellence are not draw card enough, the star of the show is Nacha Guevara, one of Argentina's biggest stars. This singer-songwriter, dancer and actress from Mar de Plata, has had a long and illustrious career, achieving fame across Latin America and worldwide, with a résumé that includes Argentine films, broadway shows and, most notably, a highly successful singing career. A darling of the Argentine people, she has gone from a controversial underground star, to exiled artist and political advocate.

Her inclusion in Tango Porteño's production is an inspired move, attracting more locals back to this iconic theatre. Guevara plays the role of Eva Perón and Tita Merello, belting out numbers from some of tango's greatest legends as well as musical pieces the acclaimed musical Evita, ending the show with the iconic "Don't Cry for me Argentina".

Nacha Guevara as Evita Peron | Bsas4u Nacha Guevara as Evita Peron / source

It's fitting that Guevara has stepped into this role, as she was the first person to play the role of Evita in the Argentina version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Evita, titled "Eva, al gran musical argentino" - Eva, the great Argentinean musical. Listening to her powerfully belt out this iconic Argentine songs, full of emotion and stage presence, it is difficult to believe that Guevara is in her 70's. Her flawless performance and star presence elevate this tango show into something truly special.

The Tango Show

Nacha Guevara's performance alone is a compelling reason to book your tickets to Tango Porteño immediately. But let's not forget about the tango, since it is a tango show after all. Tango Porteño's Glorias Argentinas has found an enthralling balance between a traditional tango show and a musical spectacular, balancing classic tango numbers with modern pieces, traditional dancing with tricks, lifts and spins. It is a whirlwind tour through some of Argentina's history, with diversity of tango styles to complement it - from milonguero to tango nuevo.

The combination of the incredible dancing, oozing with passion, the exquisite costumes and the spectacular tango band, makes for an memorable show, with something in it for everyone.

The tango show can be booked with or without dinner. The dinner option is highly recommended, with mouth-watering choices for each of the three courses, accompanied by wine, water or soft drinks. Adding to the authentic Porteño feel, each dish is named after a different barrio in Buenos Aires. If you book dinner, be sure to arrive punctually in order to enjoy all three courses before the show starts at 10:15. Dinner service starts at 8:30pm, and the service is quick and attentive.

Tango Porteño's latest offering of Glorias Argentinas is not to be missed! Experience your own magical evening at Tango Porteño and be transported through time to the height of tango's glamour and beyond. Nacha Guevara will be performing until the end of October so book your tickets now to avoid missing out!

New Year's Eve at Tango Porteño

If you're going to be in Buenos Aires over the festive season, why not celebrate new year's eve at a tango show? Tango Porteño hosts one of the best new year's eve parties in town, with a special tango performance, gala three-course dinner, drinks, a midnight toast and many surprises throughout the night. After the show, the theatre transforms into an exclusive and electrifying party for you to dance your way into 2015!

By Nicole Eberhard