Piazzolla Tango House is located on the famous Calle Florida, where you will find a plethora of clothing stores and restaurants, and it is also located nearby Plaza de Mayo, which you can stroll through before the show. Before the tango show, you may opt for the hour-long tango lesson. The instructors use their humor and patience to teach some basic moves, so don’t worry if you have 2 left feet or are completely new to tango dancing. They’ll also give you a brief history of tango in Buenos Aires.

Piazzolla Tango Show. Piazzolla Tango Show. / source

The Dining Experience

After the  lesson, head to the large theater across from your class. Choose from 3 options for each course, such as a rich pumpkin soup appetizer, a hearty bife de lomo (steak) with roasted potato wedges for the entrée, and a chocolate tort with raspberry sauce for dessert.  Beware, the thick steak takes up over half of the large plate. Like most tango houses, the show will commence after you are finished with the dinner.

Piazzolla tango dinner table Dinner table setting at Piazzolla Tango. / source

The Piazzolla Tango Show

The size of the theater is immense, but it is also the traditional and architectural style that  will impress you. It is a grand atmosphere, and once the show commences, it will be no different. While the tango dancing is obviously at the forefront of the acts, they are creatively intertwined as mini-plays, from tragic to lively and upbeat with the live band remaining at the back of the stage. The show lasts for about 2 hours, and you will be treated to a variety of different acts.

Tango Dinner & Show at Piazzolla Tango House. / source

The Piazzolla tango show is perfect for those who want a larger-than-life tango experience. Though not the same as a Broadway-style show, the show is extravagant and will give you a great taste of Buenos Aires tango. With the many options available, picking one can be overwhelming. Take a look at a list of tango shows in Buenos Aires to get a feel for the myriad that are available, from authentic & cozy to large and over-the-top.

By: Alyse DiNapoli