Plaza San Martin in Buenos Aires | Bsas4u Plaza San Martin, reminiscent of La Belle Époque / Source

The Recoleta Walking Tour is an unmissable event for lovers of history and culture, for it takes you to the upscale neighbourhood of Recoleta with its elegant buildings, reminiscent of La Belle Époque in Paris.
Your guide will await you in Plaza San Martin with a beaming smile, before explaining how you'll proceed. For those looking to practice their Spanish, you can receive information in Spanish, whereas those who would prefer to stick to English can carry out the walking tour in English. In some cases, the tour groups are very small, making the walking tour all the more enjoyable.

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Discovering the palaces

Immediately, you'll travel back in time with a visit to the most beautiful palaces in Buenos Aires: Palacio Paz and Palacio San Martin, both rich in family history. Here, you'll learn about the period of love and friendship, and the rivalry between Argentina and England, through to the Independence of Argentina and eventually the fleeting Golden Age.

As you make your way to Recoleta, Jessica will show you Floreria Atlantico- part florist, part wine cellar - whose basement bar is a secret shop. Sampling the wine is an absolute must! Then, with stops at several of the city's beautiful buildings, you will arrive at the embassies of Brazil and France, amongst others.

It would be wrong to pay a visit to Recoleta without stopping for coffee at La Biela! La Biela is classified as one of the Cafés Notables, where famous writer Jorge Luis Borges would sit and chat over coffee with his friend Adolfo Bioy Casares by the entrance. It is truly authentic and very typically Porteño. Tip: prices are more higher if you choose to sit on the terrace rather than inside the cafe.

Recoleta Cemetery

Finally, you'll arrive at the last point of interest: Recoleta Cemetery. Jessica will tell you about family stories between love and rivalry, the ghosts of the cemetery and of course the story of Evita Perón, whose grave is the most visited in the cemetery. Eva Perón is an Argentinian icon, who divided he nation, and her death preceded a real adventure as a result.

The Recoleta Walking Tour ends on a comical note, with a reference to its mosaic of cultures: "Argentines are Italians who speak Spanish, believe themselves to be English and live in French-style houses".

Recoleta is well worth seeing with a guide as, behind the beautiful facades and mausoleums, are stories and secrets only a guide will be able to inform you of. In the same spirit, Bsas4u offers a Recoleta and Palermo Bike Tour.

Feel free to leave any comments based on your experience of your visit to Recoleta, anecdotes you learned, restaurants and/or cafes you liked or any other tips you may have!

By Emilie Pinel | Translated by Milly Day