Come view our first Tango Show for the Queer community by BSAS4u

Buenos Aires, 15th July - Bsas4u is excited to announce that for the first time ever, we are launching our very own Tango Pride show. While Bsas4u has always been all-inclusive, we are now stepping forward to represent those that traditional travel agencies often neglect. The travel industry has an alarmingly low rate of representation for LGBTQIA individuals, especially in shows that they themselves have produced.

Buenos Aires is a city enraptured by nostalgia. With our cobblestoned streets, beautiful cathedrals, and history woven into each architectural wonder, it’s no surprise that Argentinians have a thing for the past. History doesn’t always need to come in the form of a physical structure, however. Years from now when Argentinians look to bygone times, we want them to think fondly of how progressive we, as a people, became. Buenos Aires has a wealth of Tango activities available throughout the city, but many don’t meet expectations of being inclusive. While the city has plenty of Queer activities and meeting places, our Tango Pride is the only show for travellers wanting to experience an intimate and professional tango performance, in a welcoming atmosphere that will make them feel at home.

We take our customers into the utmost consideration and do everything we can to offer them the best possible experience they can have. Exclusive booking for this event is available only through Bsas4u, in collaboration with We are Tango.

Tango Pride Show Details:

  • Day and Time: Wednesday, from July 27 7:30 p.m.
  • Duration : about three hours.
  • Important note : The transfer to the venue of the show is not included . Food and drinks are optional.
    • Tango show without food : includes front row seats to enjoy the show , welcome drink, unlimited soft drinks and water, tango class .
      Retail value : USD $ 99
    • Tango show with food : includes all the above plus empanada-tasting (Regional empanadas from Salta, Tucuman, Patagonia, and Mendoza) and unlimited drinks
      Retail value : USD $ 120

Come and experience an innovative gay tango spectacle in Buenos Aires. Tango Pride is a fabulous show about history, discovery, and freedom. Book online now with bsas4u.