Buenos Aires may be scorching hot in the summer, but it is certainly not immune to summer rains (or, in fact, rain throughout the year). It can be anything from a quick and violent downpour to a few days of steady rain. But the rain is no excuse to stay inside your hotel room or apartment. There are plenty of things to do in Buenos Aires when it rains. Here are our 10 rainy day picks!

things to do in buenos aires when it rainsDon't let a wet day in Buenos Aires rain on your parade / Image Source


1. Head to an art gallery. This is the perfect time to explore the city's art and stay dry at the same time. MALBA, MACBA, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, and Fundación PROA are four of the best options.

2. Enjoy a wine tasting. Cosying up inside with a some delicious red wine while the rain beats gently against the window... sounds ideal, doesn't it? Joaquin Alberdi and Anuva Wines both offer great wine tastings, and incredible selections of wines to take home with you.

3. Being inside doesn't mean you can't get a proper taste of Argentine culture. Learn to cook Argentine cuisine and sample the best local dishes with The Argentine Experience. This interactive dining experience is both fun and delicious!

El Ateneo Grand SplendidBrowsing the spectacular El Ateneo Bookstore is the perfect rainy day activity / Image Source

4. Browse the city's most beautiful bookstore. El Ateneo Grand Splendid, located at Santa Fe 1860, is considered one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. Housed in a converted theatre, you can easily spend hours browsing the books and reading in one of the corners, or enjoying a coffee on the old stage- turned café.

5. On a rainy evening, take shelter indoors at a tango show. This is one evening of entertainment you cannot miss out on in Buenos Aires, the home of tango. Whether you choose a modern tango house like Madero Tango or go for an authentic and traditional show like El Viejo Almacen, you won't be disappointed.

6. The other way to get to know tango is with a tango class. Get active indoors and learn the intricate and passionate steps of the Argentina tango with a private tango lesson at La Ventana.

img_6294-2Cafe los Angelitos is one of the best tango shows in town / Photo by Daytours4u

7. If the rain is coming down relentlessly and you need to kill a few hours, see a movie at one of the city's many cinemas. Treat yourself to the Hoyts Premium cinema experience at the Dot Baires mall - with just a few seats, and big reclining chairs, you can have food and drinks served at your seat during the movie.

8. Take a coffee break at one of the city's famous Bares Notables. These are cafés that have a cultural or historical importance to the city. Try the famous Café Tortoni for churros and hot chocolate, or head to Café Las Violetas for an afternoon treat.

9. Get cultural and go on a tour of Teatro Colón. Guided tours of the magnificent theatre on Avenida 9 de Julio, the widest avenue in the world, start every 15 minutes. You can buy your tickets at the theatre.

Teatro ColonTeatro Colon is one of the most impressive theatres in the world / Image Source

10. While away the time at one of the city's game bars. Jobs Bar in Recoleta offers board games, table tennis, pool and even archery. Another fun option is Café San Bernardo, in Villa Crespo. Off the tourist track, with a laid-back vibe, this is essentially a sports hall with a bar, with plenty of pool and ping pong tables.  In San Telmo, a favourite for an evening of board games is Krakow Bar in San Telmo.

. . .

And if you're happy to brave the rain, take a stroll (with an umbrella!) along the emptied sidewalks and capture another side of the city. No matter the weather, Buenos Aires is an enchanting place to explore.

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By: Thalles Santos | Adaptation: Nicole Eberhard