Semana Santa, or Holy Week, takes place the week before Easter and includes the religious holidays of Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. Traditions and celebrations vary from country to country in South America, but the general trend is plenty of processions, parties and activities.

While many Porteños take the opportunity to get out of the city for the long weekend, there is still plenty going on in Buenos Aires. One example is an annual procession, usually on Good Friday, starting in Congreso Plaza, that heads down Avenida De Mayo and ends in Plaza de Mayo. If you're going to be spending Semana Santa in Buenos Aires, here are some more ideas for what to do over the Easter holiday.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires will host services on Easter Sunday / Source The Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires will host services on Easter Sunday / Source

Top 3 places to visit in and around Buenos Aires:

There are a great number of activities and things to do in Buenos Aires. Here is our choice of the top 3 places to visit during Semana Santa:

1. Tierra Santa

Visit Tierra Santa this Easter and travel back in time as you wander through this unique and rather surreal theme park, where you will become part of religious history - walk along the streets of Jerusalem, passing typical handicraft shops and traditional food stalls as the music of this bygone era plays in the background. Open on Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays from 12pm to 8pm. Entry prices are AR$55 (children aged between 3 and 11) and AR$130 for adults. The park is located on Av. Costanera Rafael Obligado 5790, just past the Aeroparque Jorge Newberry airport.

The biblical theme park, Tierra Santa Tierra Santa is a religious theme park located in the heart of the city / Source

2. Lujan

Lujan, known as the Capital of Faith, is a town situated outside the city of Buenos Aires and makes for a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires. Take a day trip to Lujan and enjoy the wonderful local zoo where you can get up close and personal with all the animals, and walk around the city where you'll find Lujan's famous Cathedral: Lujan Basilica, a large neo-gothic building of outstanding splendour.

Lujan Basilica is a fabulous example of neo-gothic architecture / Source Lujan Basilica is a fabulous example of neo-gothic architecture / Source

3. Tigre

If you want to relax and unwind surrounded by the beauty of nature, the small city of Tigre offers everything you want. Explore the quaint fruit market, discover the stunning Delta's abundant flora and fauna with a canal cruise, or simply stroll along the banks of the Paraná River with an ice cream in hand. Choose from our varying Tigre Day Tours and enjoy a tranquil city break.

Boats sailing on the Rio de la Plata Explore the wonders of Tigre by boat / Credit: Daytours4u

Where to eat during Semana Santa in Buenos Aires:

Traditionally, during the holy days of Semana Santa in Buenos Aires, people refrain from eating asado and instead choose to eat fish. In a beef-loving city, finding a fish menu can be quite difficult, however, much to a Porteño’s surprise, fish restaurants do exist in Buenos Aires. Here are our top 3 fish restaurants:

1. Puerto Cristal

With a special Easter menu including lobster, mussels and rainbow trout, treat yourself to the succulent flavours of fish and accompany it with a fine glass of champagne for the perfect evening in the elegant docklands of Puerto Madero.

2. Crizia 

The restaurant has an impressive menu with seared red tuna with lime vinaigrette and an oyster bar, just to name a couple of the most popular dishes in this modern and elegant Mediterranean restaurant in the chic area of Palermo.

3. Osaka

An interesting mix of Peruvian and Oriental food, this restaurant is for the more adventurous palates. The contemporary, yet relaxed restaurant has some of the finest sushi in Buenos Aires and is also located in the cool and elegant neighbourhood of Palermo.

Puerto Cristal restaurant in the elegant neighbourhood of Puerto Madero / Source Puerto Cristal restaurant in the elegant neighbourhood of Puerto Madero / Source

Sweet like chocolate… the top 3 places to buy your Easter eggs:

Easter wouldn’t be the same without the excitement of eating and receiving Easter eggs. Kiosks and many bakeries do not sell Easter eggs during Semana Santa in Buenos Aires. Do not worry though, as some of the tastiest and sweetest Easter eggs can be found at the following top 3 places in Buenos Aires:

1. Compañia de Chocolates

A boutique chocolate shop located in Palermo and Recoleta; it sells the richest and most delicious milk chocolate (35% cocoa); dark chocolate (65% cocoa) and white chocolate (32% cocoa) Easter eggs.

2. Persicco

One of the best ice-cream joints in Buenos Aires gets into the Easter spirit by selling delicious chocolate Easter eggs to extremely pleased customers. Click here to find your nearest Persicco in Buenos Aires!

3. Bonafide

This charming coffee shop has a range of Easter eggs for you to enjoy. From the classic milk chocolate, to bitter mint chocolate and chocolate almond - there are Easter egg flavours aplenty here.

Chocolate easter egg Don't forget to buy Easter Eggs!


Regardless of your faith or religion, visiting Buenos Aires during Semana Santa promises to be a wonderful experience. Discover this city of culture and sophistication in the hands of bsas4u.

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