Be it for fun, introspection or business, more and more women are taking their suitcases and travelling the world without a companion or travel partner. For many, traveling is more than just moving from one place to another, it is a therapeutic tool, the opportunity to put together your own itinerary and to experience new cultures.

Surely you have heard that Colombia is a destination where you must take certain safety precautions and this statement has a lot of truth, but those who have ventured to this land discover that the biggest risk is wanting to stay. Therefore, in this article, we gather 10 recommendations and 4 places that may be of interest to women traveling through Colombia.

Traveling in Colombia is a unique experience, the biggest risk is that you want to stay / Photo: Daytours4u

10 recommendations for Solo Female Travellers in Colombia

1. Our first recommendation is that you don’t give papaya, this popular expression means that you avoid exposing yourself to situations of vulnerability by visiting desolate places or displaying objects of great value without proper security in the centers of the most populated cities such as Bogotá and Medellin.

2. Don’t walk alone at night, especially in places with few cars.

3. Whenever you can, look for trusted transport options through tour operators, uber or ask for a taxi over the phone.

4. If you’re going to travel by taxi, always ask a local how much it should really cost so they don’t overcharge you.

5. While you should walk with confidence, also try to blend in without losing your essence. Walking around Bogotá in shorts, for example, can give you away as a tourist.

Try to blend in without losing your essence, especially in big cities / Photo: Daytours4u

6. Locals sometimes associate tourists with money. Our advice is that you carry few valuables, and don’t walk around with all your cash.

7. When you arrive in a place where you feel secure, meet people and talk to them, that will help you lose the fear of traveling through the cities you visit.

8. If you have doubts about where to go, what activities to do and where to stay, consult the tour operators who usually have inside information about each region in Colombia.

9. Communicate with your family or friends so that they know you are well and where you are staying.

10. Keep an open mind, be careful but stay open minded because if not, you will miss the details that this experience offers.

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What to do and where to go in Colombia

Here are 4 routes that cover all the options: rest, meditation, exploration in the city and adventure to inspire you to visit this magical country.

1. Relaxation in Santa Marta: It’s one of the most pleasant cities in Colombia to live in due to the security and friendliness with foreigners, that's why it’s a recommended destination when traveling alone. Walk through the streets of Samaria, feel the sea breeze, and visiting its historic center is a good activity to start your trip.

On the second day, you can enter one of the most emblematic indigenous communities, climb the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta; the walk and encounter with these ancestral cultures is an experience that takes you out of the routine. We advise that you book this tour with specialized companies, in order to guarantee your safety.

You can also visit the exotic beaches of Tayrona National Park, where there are at least 3 different types of sand; there you can also participate in watersports or simply lay out on the sand and enjoy the tranquility of the place.

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The Tayrona Park is one of the must-see places of Santa Marta / Photo: Daytours4u

2. Glamour in Medellín: If you’re a woman who travels alone and loves certain comforts this city is for you. The kindness of its people makes you never feel insecure; you can also take a bicycle, tram, metro, taxi or bus to reach the most tourist destinations. This metropolis is known as the capital of Colombian fashion, so visiting Medellin is an excellent excuse to renew your wardrobe.

Being a city of contrasts, between the modern and cultural roots, the gastronomic experiences are inexhaustible. You can find one of the first molecular gastronomy restaurants called El Cielo, where there are 12 moments for enjoying new flavors. You can also go for the more traditional and take a cooking class to learn how to prepare the famous Bandeja Paisa.

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3. Meditation in the Coffee Triangle: Coffee lands harbor a magic that inspires tranquility, its climates are not very cold but not excessively warm, which facilitates things when it comes to packing. In this region there are different spaces for recollection and meditation. The Cabaña Océano, for example, is one of the places for spiritual retreats. In addition, its conveniently located between Pereira and Armenia.

Another experience that helps you reconnect with yourself, and that is becoming increasingly loved who meditate, is getting into nature: observing the flora and admiring the wildlife. The Coffee triangle is an immense bird corridor. In Quindío there are more than 400 species of birds and at least 4 endemic species of mammals. Therefore, to navigate one of the rivers in the area is to be given the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the coffee fauna and magical stories, because these types of tours are made in the company of expert bogas.

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4. Adventure in Bogota: Being the capital, making a stop here is an almost obligatory destination if you come from another country so that you can take advantage of your time passing through Bogotá to dare yourself with adventure sports. The geography of Bogota has a characteristic point: the Eastern Hills. These imposing mountains are part of the Andes Mountain Range. So if you’re a traveler looking for adventure then this destination is for you. You can walk or ride through the mountain range and discover waterfalls such as La Chorrera, a waterfall that is halfway between Choachí and Bogotá.

The Eastern Hills tour can be done from different locations and you will always find a different natural landscape that will feed your spirit and leave you wanting more. You can also get out of Bogotá and go rafting on the río Negro.

Travel tip: Remember that this type of tour should always be done in the company of expert guides.

The trekking in La Chorrera is one of the must-see activities for travelers who love adventure / Source

There is no excuse for turning down the opportunity to experience a great adventure in Colombia with the best company you can have on a trip: yourself!

By: Laura García Betancur, Colombian journalist and audiovisual communicator with the University of Manizales, Colombia.