In order to keep you well-informed during your trip to Rio de Janeiro for carnival, we have prepared a few pieces of insider information to help you focus on simply dancing the nights away. In true Brazilian spirit, we hope that you have fun and take home some great memories from this truly spectacular celebration. Keep these tips in mind and you will be sure to have an unforgettable experience.

Rio CarnivalRio de Janeiro carnival is awash with noise and colour / Image Source

Our top tips for Rio Carnival:

Crowd Control: Remember the streets will be crowded. You need to walk to get to the Sambadrome, and parking is almost impossible. It’s good to get to the streets early in order to see the start of the parade and to find a good spot in the grandstand.

Transportation: You can easily find a taxi to return to your hotel, especially if you are in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro. Always check if the driver turned on the meter; otherwise ask him to.

Money: Try to have small bills like R$2 or R$5 for buying drinks and other small refreshments. That saves you from waiting for your change in the middle of the crowd. It's also a good idea to withdraw your spending money earlier. The ATMs work normally, but withdrawing your money before well before the event is your safest bet for a successful Carnival in Rio de Janeiro!

Safety: Don’t use smartphones or other expensive electronic devices, and be careful of your camera when you take photographs. Using a wrist strap or neck strap is recommended.

Finding Pre-Parties: Even if you arrive in Rio de Janeiro before Carnival starts, some of the street Carnival bands will have already started the party! You can find everything you need to know here.

Important Numbers:

Rio de Janeiro airport contacts:

• Galeão/Antônio Carlos Jobim airport: (21) 3393-2288
• Santos Dumont airport: (21) 3814-7070 / 3814-7246
• Jacarepaguá airport: (21) 2432-7060
• Rio’s Bus Terminal – (21) 3213-1800
• Riotur – (21) 3398-4077 / 2245
• Civil Police – (21) 3398-4435 / 2334-6319
• Rio’s Municipal Guard – (21) 3398-4840

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By Albano Moura