Christ the Redeemer is Rio de Janeiro’s most renowned landmark and, with so many tourists visiting the statue daily, it’s only logical that they have created a number of ways for getting there. In order to maximise your experience of this spectacular attraction, read about 5 different ways to visit Christ the Redeemer and ensure that you pick the right one for you.

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The cog train to Christ the Redeemer departs from Corcovado Station on the hour and half past the hour between 8am and 8pm and travels along a railway that is older than the statue itself! Originally used to transport parts of the statue, the cog train now carries up to 173 people at a time to the top of Corcovado Mountain through the world's largest urban forest, Tijuca National Park. In a journey that lasts approximately twenty minutes, the cog train may not be the quickest way to visit Christ the Redeemer, but it is a popular choice as it passes through some incredible scenery. Tickets for the cog train currently cost R$46.00, which includes a round trip plus admission to Christ the Redeemer, and can either be purchased at the station’s ticket booth, via the Corcovado Train website or at official kiosks in the nearby Laranjeiras district.

Best way to visit Christ the Redeemer for: those who want to take advantage of the scenic route through Tijuca National Park from the comfort of a secure, eco-friendly train.

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There are several tours that include access to Christ the Redeemer, with some focusing solely on this attraction and others that visit a number of attractions in Rio. The Rio Full Day Tour is a popular choice for those who wish to visit all the most important landmarks in the city, beginning with Christ the Redeemer and continuing with the Maracana Stadium, Rio Cathedral, the Sambadrome and Sugar Loaf Mountain, whereas the Christ the Redeemer City Tour is better for tourists with less time and who would prefer to visit fewer landmarks. Another option is the Rio Express Day Tour, which is essentially the same as the Full Day Tour but does not include the option of lunch, and is therefore just two hours shorter.

Best way to visit Christ the Redeemer for: tourists who wish to see this famous landmark amongst other landmarks in Rio, and for those who would prefer to leave the organising to someone else.

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You can reach Christ Redeemer in a passenger van, which will take you most of the way up the mountain, and from there you can purchase your ticket and take the official van right to the top. The cost of the transportation-admission combo is the same as the train, but does not involve the lengthy wait, and is therefore often the preferred choice. For visitors with cars, it is also possible to drive most of the way to the summit and then catch the official van for R$18, for which tickets can be purchased from Largo do Machado subway station or online.

Best way to visit Christ the Redeemer for: those who favour timesaving over the scenic route.


For active tourists looking for a more challenging way to visit Christ the Redeemer, there are several options of hiking trails that go through Tijuca National Park and lead up to the statue. The main trail begins in the beautiful Parque Lage in the Botanical Gardens and continues through the national park for two hours, following the rails of the Corcovado Tramway for the last half hour. Hiking may be tough, but it’s certainly rewarding, for it provides incredible scenery with tropical plants, waterfalls and animals, such as the adorable Capuchin monkeys. There are also climbing routes for the more adventurous. Read our guide to Sugar Loaf's hiking and climbing routes.

Best way to visit Christ the Redeemer for: those who prefer to be out in the open.

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Taxis to Christ the Redeemer can be taken most of the way up the mountain and you can even arrange for the taxi driver to wait while for you while you explore the statue, before returning you to your hotel or other destination of choice. A flat rate can be negotiated, and prices normally depend on the starting point.

Best way to visit Christ the Redeemer for: travellers on a tight time schedule.

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As you can see, there are plenty of way to visit Christ the Redeemer, with an option for every kind of traveller. Before you visit Rio’s most iconic statue, be sure to read these 10 interesting facts about Christ the Redeemer. To book day tours and activities in Rio de Janeiro, visit

By Camilla Day / Edited by Simon Hall – Holder of a Masters in Fine Arts and a Diploma in International Studies. English Content Manager at Daytours4u.