New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro is an exuberant celebration that everyone should experience once in their lifetime. That being said, one does have to prepare themselves for one of the biggest New Year's parties in the world! Not only are there practical things to consider, there are also traditional ones that will elevate the evening from amazing to extraordinary. Here are some tips to ensure a successful New Year's in Rio de Janeiro:

New Year's In RioNew Years celebrations in Rio de Janeiro are something quite spectacular / Image Source

1. Where to Spend New Year's in Rio de Janeiro

The number one option, and only to most, is Copacabana beach. The beach becomes a sea of happy and peaceful celebrators looking to end their year with a bang. Choose a spot on the beach or opt to rent a tablet at one of the beachfront kiosks. If you choose the latter, make sure you reserve it in advance!

If a crowded beach is not your scene, you can opt to rent a Copacabana beachfront apartment. Enjoy the festivities from the comfort of your temporary home without losing the opportunity to take part if the mood strikes you. While this option is significantly less friendly on your wallet than the first, it does give you the best of both worlds.

Should you want something fancier, buy a ticket to one of the New Years balls. For example, The Copacabana Palace and the Forte de Copacabana offer themed parties for those who want to bring in the New Year in style.

2. Your New Year's Uniform

If you think showing up to a party in the same outfit as someone else is embarrassing, try being the only one in colour amongst 3 million people. That’s what will happen to you on Copacabana beach if you don’t wear white.

Brazilians are what some countries consider superstitious, and that goes double on this special holiday. Cariocas wear white on New Year's Eve as a way of asking for a peaceful and prosperous new year. Of course other colours are often worn in the form of accent pieces. Be warned though that each colour has a meaning.

For example, green is supposed to provide good health. Yellow is said to help you with money. Red classically pushes for passion and romance. And purple is responsible for delivering inspiration.

3. Make a New Year's Wish

lemanjá (Yemanja in English) is the Goddess of the Ocean and Cariocas have a high respect for this Candomblé deity. Rio de Janeiro residents throw white flowers into the ocean as a New Years offering in hopes that lemanjá will grant them their wishes for the new year.

4. Jump Some Waves

When it comes to this tradition we are all very fortunate that New Years happens in the middle of Rio de Janeiro’s summer!

Once the midnight fireworks finish, stroll down to the waterfront and jump seven waves. It is said that if you do this Iemanjá will open paths for you in life. It is important to remember that Iemanjá wouldn’t be a Goddess if she wasn’t at least a bit temperamental. If you choose to jump waves you must be sure to NOT turn your back on the ocean afterwards. You should back away while still facing it if you do not wish to anger the Goddess.

5. Getting There

On New Year's Eve all roads into Copacabana close early. The only way in is by bus, bike, foot, taxi, and metro. While that may sound like a lot of options, you must remember that the city is filled to capacity.

If you plan to take the metro, buy your tickets in advance! You will NOT be able to buy tickets regularly. Also remember that metro tickets are sold by time slot for New Year's Eve. Yes, it gets that full. If you plan to return by metro, make sure you pre-purchase that ticket as well.

6. Getting Home Afterwards

As much fun as it is to pass into the new year with millions of people, it is a pain to leave afterwards. Do not expect to just hop in a cab and zip home. That is difficult enough on a normal day in Rio de Janeiro, making it virtually impossible on New Year's. Patience is key.

. . .

In order to fully enjoy New Year's in Rio de Janeiro worry-free, remember to book your activities online in advance. This once in a lifetime experience is one you will cherish forever, so make sure you make the most of it.

By: Daytours4u Content Team