The Rio walking tour takes you through Rio’s city centre and enables you to explore some of its most famous landmarks, which many people don't make the time to visit, as they can't bear to tear themselves away from the beautiful beaches. Hearing a guide explain the history behind these places makes it a very memorable experience, as understanding their context makes them all the more interesting.

In addition, as the infrastructure in Rio can at times be very tricky to overcome, the Rio walking tour is a great alternative to visit other areas of the city and to escape the busy 'Zona Sul' (South Zone), which hosts many of the international events in Rio.

Rio City Centre The beautiful, historical city centre of Rio / source

The Rio walking tour is not a private tour, but in this case there were only three people, including the tour guide, who speaks English and Spanish as well as Portuguese. You cover two neighbourhoods, passing through the most famous places in the city centre, such as Arcos de Lapa, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Escadaria Selarón steps in approximately three and a half hours, before culminating in the Saara, an enormous bazaar where you can purchase budget-friendly clothes and souvenirs. We also made stops for coffee and pastries, which isn't included in the price of the tour, but is a welcome opportunity to rest your legs after all the walking.

Two places that really stand out on the walking tour are the National Library of Brazil and Confeitaria Colombo. The National Library of Brazil, a magnificent building located in Cinelândia square, is the largest library in South America and has a staggering collection that includes approximately nine million items. The Confeitaria Colombo is also a rather fancy sight, with its glamorous salons and cupboards which expose dozens of tasty sweet treats, causing it to attract an equally fancy clientèle, including Queen Elizabeth!

National Library Of Brazil The National Library Of Brazil contains approximately 9 million items / source
Confeitaria Colombo The Confeitaria Colombo has been visited by King Albert of Belgium and Queen Elizabeth / source

Overall, the Rio walking tour is a delightful way to see the city centre, which is extremely beautiful and rich in history.

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By: Camilla Day - Content Manager